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Dry fly wings, streamer heads, spun and clipped deer hair bodies, no matter what your tying choice is, Hareline’s Premo Deer Hair Strips make it nice and simple. Deer Hair is a hollow-fibered hair that’s both durable and easy to work with. These Deer Hair Strips are approximately 15”x2.5” and offer high-quality hair that’s great for a range of different tying applications. Available in a variety of different color options, these Premo Strips can be worked into a ton of different fresh, salt, or stillwater patterns. 



One of those natural materials that can be used in a bunch of different tying applications, Deer Hair can be used for things like up or downwing dry flies, emerger wings, nymph wingcases, or terrestrials, and it is the ultimate choice for spun deer hair applications--from Zoo Cougar heads to complex bass bugs, Hareline Premo Deer Hair gets the job done.



Deer Hair is most commonly compared to Elk Body Hair, and while they are both hollow-fibered hairs, there are some differences between the two. Deer Hair is superior for spinning and trimming and makes for some of the best spun bodied flies. However, Deer Hair tends to be slightly more brittle but can still be used for dry fly applications. Elk Hair, on the other hand, is often a bit less brittle with larger fibers and slightly more air trapped in them. While the both have their own benefits, there’s no doubt that Deer Hair is a versatile material that’s superior for those looking to spin and clip their fliess. 


Example Flies

Deer hair is a material with an almost endless list of uses, but a few of the most commonly-known patterns that use it are:

  • Muddler Minnow
  • Goddard Caddis
  • Dahlberg Diver
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