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Hareline Painted Lead Eyes are some of the highest quality dumbbell eyes around. Dumbbell eyes are indispensable for tying streamers. Not only do dumbbell eyes add weight, but they can also be used to invert the hook point so that it rides up. Available in four different sizes and colors you can tie anything from small trout and bonefish flies to large bass and saltwater patterns.



Patterns and Tying Techniques - Typically, Hareline Painted Lead Eyes are used for streamers when you want to add weight and invert the hook point. They are also incorporated into some versions of flats flies. They are perfect as eyes for crabs, crayfish and creature flies that need to be on the bottom. Depending on eye placement, you can build swimming and jigging actions into your flies. Placed on the top of the hook you can invert the hook creating a weedless fly that bounces on the bottom. Placed on the underside of the hook, these eyes also function as a strike point for predatory fish.



Hareline Painted Lead Eyes vs Hareline Brass Eyes - Hareline Painted Lead Eyes are heavier for size than Brass Eyes. Lead is also softer and less durable than Brass. Hareline Painted Lead Eyes also come with a pupil painted into the eye whereas Hareline Brass Eyes are a solid color. Hareline Brass Eyes are available in seven different bright colors. The eyes differ slightly in shape; Hareline Painted Lead eyes are shaped like a dumbbell connected with a cylinder whereas Hareline Brass Eyes are two cones that connect by the tips forming a valley or V. Choose Painted Lead Eyes when you want pupils and need your fly to sink fast. Choose Brass Eyes when you want a slower sink rate and more durable eyes.


Example Flies

Patterns - These Eyes are perfect for tying streamers including Clouser Minnows, Intruders, and Bugger-type flies. Other popular uses include Sculpin patterns, various Steelhead patterns like Comets, and saltwater flies like the Chernobyl Crab, Foxy Clouser, and Ep Spawning Shrimp.


Pack Size and Physical Description

Approximate Dimensions - X-Small = 3.2mm 1/60 oz, Small = 4mm 1/40 oz, Medium = 4.8mm 1/30 oz, Large = 5.5mm 1/20 oz.

Pack Size - 10 eyes per pack.

**These sizes and dimensions may vary based on manufacturer changes**




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