Hareline Ozzie Possum Fur

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A versatile material that can be used for anything from wet flies, nymphs, midges, and streamers, Hareline’s Ozzie Possum Fur is a natural material that’s tough to beat when you need ease of use and a wide range of applications. Soft, buggy, and available in a range of natural and dyed colors, Ozzie Possum Fur has just the right blend of underfur and guard hairs to bring life to any fly pattern. Great for working into various types of wet flies, Australian Possum Fur absorbs water well and has solid breathing qualities to ensure your flies are always looking natural. Whether you’re spinning it in a dubbing loop to put the finishing touches on a sculpin or just dubbing a caddis larvae’s body, Hareline Ozzie Possum Fur isn’t one to let you down. 



Hareline’s Ozzie Possum Fur is a natural material with many uses. Commonly used to dub bodies on nymphs, emergers, wet flies, scuds/sowbugs, and streamers, Ozzie Possum Fur can be dubbed on its own or blended with other synthetic dubbings to enhance its look. Although, its uses exceed just dubbing, as this material can also be stacked to create large streamers heads and spun in a dubbing loop to create buggy collars on streamers and nymphs. And last but not least, Ozzie Possum Fur is a good option for adding tailing material to nymphs and emergers. 



Like most natural materials, Ozzie Possum Fur is quite unique with few exact alternatives. However, Australian Possum has some similarities with a Hare’s Mask. Both of these natural examples offer a soft underfur with guard hairs mixed throughout, but Australian Possum is slightly more coarse and often has longer underfur and guard hairs. These materials are good options for dubbing bodies and tying tails on nymphs, but Australian Possum tends to create a little buggier look. Also, the fibers on a Hare’s Mask lack the qualities and length of fibers that are needed for crafting collars and building dense streamer heads. While they’re both great materials to have on the tying desk, Ozzie Possum Fur has distinct tying characteristics that are tough to find elsewhere.


Example Flies

Australian Possum Fur is a widely used material for a range of different patterns, and some of the most commonly tied and fished are: 

  • Birds Nest Nymph
  • Australian Possum Streamer
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