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Protecting the dining room table’s surface from your vise’s c-clamp, adding organization to your tying desk, or simply solving the problem of where to mix your glues without repercussion, Hareline’s Mega Tying Pad is about as useful as it gets. Made from a silicone material with divots on the surface, this tying pad won’t slip and it also prevents materials like beads and eyes from rolling around. On the other side, you get a non-stick surface that’s perfect for mixing glues or doing work with resins or epoxy. Durable, long-lasting, and just the right size for any tying table (18”x24”), Hareline’s Mega Tying Pad is sure to keep things protected while increasing the efficiency of your time at the vise. 


Silicone Construction - Being made from silicone is what really makes Hartline's Mega Tying Pad so great. This silicone construction prevents the pad from slipping on your desk, and with its surface full of divots, it provides an excellent place for your beads and hooks to sit while not in use. Also, the reverse side prevents glues and adhesives from really sticking to further simplify the cleanup process. 


Hareline’s Mega Tying Pad was designed to protect the surface you’re tying on, add organization to your desk, and also provide a non-stick surface for working with glues, cements, and adhesives.  


Hareline’s Mega Tying Pad Vs Regal’s Logo Tying Pad - Both of these tying pads are excellent choices when you’re looking to make things neater and more efficient, and the main difference between these two pads is their size. The Mega Tying Pad is a bit bigger, so if you tie on a large desk or a table, it’s a better choice; on the other hand, if your tying space is limited, then the Regal Logo Tying Pad is a better option. 

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