Hareline Marabou Strung Blood Quills

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Marabou is an indispensable material used in flies ranging from the humble Woolly Bugger to nymphs and saltwater flies. Hareline’s Marabou Blood Quills are some of the highest quality Marabou available. These Blood Quills come in 39 different colors and can be used for a variety of different patterns. The possibilities are truly endless with these Hareline Marabou Blood Quills.



Patterns and Tying Techniques - Hareline’s Marabou Blood Quills are the perfect material for tying highly mobile wings and tails. Arguably the most well-known use for Marabou is for the tail on a Woolly Bugger. On streamers and Steelhead flies, Marabou can be palmered to add the allusion of bulk while using very little material. Strip a single fiber off of the quill and it can be used to create buggy looking bodies and thoraxes on nymphs.



Hareline Blood Quill Marabou vs Hareline Woolly Bugger Marabou - Blood Quill Marabou has long thin and whispy fibers that terminate in fine points. Wooly Bugger Marabou has shorter and fuzzier fibers. Both can be used as tailing and winging material. The blood quills are going to give a finer and slimmer look whereas the Woolly Bugger Marabou gives a rougher and fuller profile. Use the blood quills for palmering and when you want a slimmer profile for wings and tails. Use the Woolly Bugger Marabou when you want a fuller and less refined bushy profile.


Example Flies

Streamers - Typically, Marabou is used in streamers as wings such as in the Marabou Leech, or as a tail as in the Woolly Bugger. Marabou is used heavily in Salmon and Steelhead flies like the Pink Popsicle and many intruder flies. It is also used as the sole material in the Marabou Damsel Nymph. Try substituting wings in Muddler Minnows, Clousers and Thunder Creeks.


Pack Size and Physical Description

Approximate Dimensions - The individual plumes are roughly 4 to 5 inches in height with approximately 2-inch barbules.

Pack Size - The pack contains ¼ ounce of feathers. The plumes come in a plastic bag that’s roughly 6 inches by 3 inches.

**These sizes and dimensions may vary based on manufacturer changes**




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