Hareline Mallard Flank Feathers

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Hareline Mallard Flank Feathers are a must-have for any fly tyer's material collection. Crafted to assist in creating wings, collars, tails, legs, and cheeks for flies, these feathers come in both natural and vibrantly dyed colors including the popular Wood Duck Gold. Each pack contains about 30 finely barred, high-quality feathers, ensuring you have ample supply for multiple projects.

Available also are the "Big Packs" which offer approximately triple the number of feathers, perfect for avid tyers or those working on larger projects. These feathers are packaged loose in the bag, making them easy to sort and select for your tying needs. Whether you're tying Euro nymphs, steelhead, or salmon patterns, these dyed Mallard Flank Feathers provide the enhancement your flies need to be more effective and visually appealing.


  • Versatile Application: Perfect for creating wings, collars, tails, legs, and cheeks on flies.
  • Variety of Colors: Available in natural shades and beautifully dyed options, including Wood Duck Gold.
  • Quantity Options: Standard packs with 30 feathers and Big Packs with roughly triple the amount.

Why We Like Them

We appreciate the Hareline Mallard Flank Feathers for their exceptional quality and versatility. The finely barred detail of each feather adds a realistic touch to any fly pattern, making them highly effective in the water. The option to choose from standard or Big Packs offers flexibility for various fly tying projects. The variety of colors available allows tyers to customize flies to match local hatch conditions or to stand out in murky waters. These feathers are indispensable for crafting detailed and durable flies for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

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