Hareline UV Krystal Flash

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From adding flash to your streamers to making ultra-visible wings on your dry flies, Krystal Flash is a material that does it all. Krystal Flash has been used for years, and it is a spiraled flash material that does an excellent job at reflecting light and imitating the “scale-like” appearance found on most baitfish. This flash material has UV properties and emits a glow that is unlike regular Krystal Flash. UV Krystal Flash also comes in a ton of different colors that run the range from natural all the way to super bright, giving you an option whether you want to closely imitate naturals or tie hot attractor patterns. A durable flash with just the right amount of appeal, UV Krystal is an excellent choice whether you’re hitting a saltwater river or chasing down the biggest trout in the system. 


UV Krystal Flash is a flash material that can be worked into a variety of different fly styles. While UV Krystal Flash is most commonly used to tie streamers and steelhead/salmon flies, it offers more than just that. UV Krystal Flash can also be used when tying crustaceans like shrimps and crabs, tying tails on attractor patterns, and you can also use it when tying wings on dry flies, especially spinners, parachutes, and even stoneflies and terrestrial. 


Another option that’s very similar to Hareline’s UV Krystal Flash is Hareline’s standard Krystal Flash. Krystal Flash is the original Krystal Flash material and it’s been used for decades without fail. Krystal Flash also comes in a lot more colors, but all of them lack the UV reflectance found in UV Krystal Flash, so if you’re looking to maximize visibility in the water, UV Krystal Flash is the superior choice. 

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