Hareline India Hen Back

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Hareline’s India Hen Back is an excellent material that can be used in a multitude of ways and it doesn’t break the bank. The feathers on an India Hen Back have nice, soft, and webby fibers with a supple stem and can be used to create flies that have natural movement and breathe well in the water. Coming in a variety of colors with natural markings, India Hen Backs are great to have on the tying desk, and you’ll often find yourself reaching for them anytime you need a webby fibered-feather. From soft hackles that match the grannom caddis hatch to buggy crawdads bounced off the bottom in hopes of a bronzeback, these versatile feathers can do it all.



Hareline’s India Hen Backs are easy to work with and can be used in a variety of different applications. With soft fibers and a pliable stem, these feathers are perfect for soft hackles, collars, tails and legs for nymphs and wet flies, small matuka streamers, crayfish or crab claws, wings on dry flies, and even fins on small Game Changer flies.




Indian Hen Backs have soft and webby fibers with a nice mottled appearance. And although it’s a great material to work with, its main comparable item would be Hen Saddle. Hen Saddle is also a saddle patch with soft and webby fibers and is available in a variety of colors. Hen Saddle does have a wider variety of feather sizes on it, yet it’s a little more expensive. Both are great materials for nymph tails and legs, soft hackles, wet flies, claws, and other applications, but India Hen Back has a more limited range of sizes; however, it is a more affordable option whenever you don’t need the variety of feather sizes.

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