Hareline Howitzer Baitfish Popper Heads

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Luring snook out of the mangroves or picking largemouth bass out of a lilypad-covered pond, no matter where you’re seeking those exciting eats on a popper, the Howitzer Baitfish Popper Heads are sure to make them happen. Howitzer Baitfish Heads have a realistic profile that matches the head of a minnow, and its deeply recessed back allows for a subtle and natural transition from your fly’s body into its popping head without any gaps. These heads create a surface commotion that’s downright irresistible to predatory fish and the added eye sockets let you add lifelike realism in a matter of seconds. Durable, easy to cast, and quick to make a statement on the water, the Howitzer Baitfish Popper Heads are a perfect choice anytime you’re after those explosive surface eats. 


The Howitzer Popper Heads are mainly used to tie popper flies, and with their realistic profile, range of sizes/colors, and buoyant construction, they do an excellent job at building those types of flies. However, thanks to their recessed backs, they’re also becoming a popular material to carry loosely on the water and quickly add onto your leader above your fly to turn anything from a Game Changer to a Hollow Fleye into an ad hoc popper. 


Surface Seaducer’s Double Barrel Popper Heads are also a super-realistic popper head that makes tying popping flies nice and easy. As implied by their name, these popper heads have a “double barrel” construction that imitates anything from a baitfish to a frog with ease, and although they look similar to the Howitzer Popper Heads, they carry a little different profile in the water. Both the Howitzer Heads and the Double Barrel Popper Heads are durable and easy to use at the vise, but the one difference is that the Double Barrel Popper Heads lack the exaggerated recession in their back, making them less effective when adding them straight onto your leader while on the water. Aside from that, you can count on both of these popper heads to create super-effective popper-style flies at the vise. 

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