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Hareline’s Hen Saddles have soft and webby fibers with a supple stem and can be worked into a ton of different flies. A useful tool to have on hand, these Hen Saddles have excellent quality feathers and provide natural movement in the water. Whether you’re looking to tie some classic feather-winged dry flies, wrap a soft hackle, or even build streamers, this saddle has everything that you need. Available in a variety of different colors, these saddles have a good collection of sizes to ensure that you can always find the right feather. Tying Feather Game Changers to chase predatory fish or finishing up your soft hackle box before spring, no matter what you’re tying, Hareline’s Hen Saddle has you covered. 



Hen Saddles provide a very useful catalog of feathers, and their applications are almost endless. The feathers on a Hen Saddle are commonly used for things like tail and leg fibers on nymphs, wet fly and soft hackle collars, streamer collars, wings on small matukas, crab and crayfish claws, and even wings on dry flies and spinners. Super versatile and easy to work with, Hen Saddles are a strong addition to anyone’s tying equipment. 



Hen Saddle Feathers have been used to tie flies for quite some time, and while they have a pretty distinct set of characteristics, there are some similar options out there. One of the more commonly compared materials is an Indian Hen Back. Indian Hen Backs have soft and webby feathers that can be used in a similar fashion as the feathers on Hen Saddles, but the saddle patches tend to be a bit smaller with less size variety to the feathers. Also, Indian Hen Back feathers have a little different look that offers a bit more mottling. While both of these are great options, you tend to get a little wider range of feather sizes out of the Hen Saddles.

Example Flies

Hen Saddles provide feathers that can be used to tie a ton of different patterns, but a couple of the most popular are:

  • Adams Dry Fly
  • Feather Game Changer
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