Hareline Grizzly Half Saddle

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Large musky flies all the way down to smaller trout patterns, Hareline’s Grizzly Half Saddle provides you with high-quality grizzly feathers without breaking the bank. These half saddles have excellent quality feathers and provide a range of sizes, which makes them a great choice for tying large streamers, palmering flies like the Wooly Bugger, and even hackling some larger dry flies. Versatile feathers with nice supple stems, these Half Saddles provide movement and color to any pattern you can come up with. Freshwater, saltwater, and every brackish situation in between, these feathers are a great value. 



Since Hareline’s Grizzly Half Saddles provide such a wide range of feather lengths and types, they allow you to cover a variety of tying situations. These feathers are great for tying into steamers for tails and wings on both fresh and saltwater patterns, and you can also use some of the feathers for hackling dry flies and palmering bodies on streamers or some large nymphs. 



Saddle Hackles are one of those materials that can end up costing quite a bit, but the Hareline Half Saddles prevent that problem. And although there isn’t another option that is as economical as the Half Saddles, Keough’s Grizzly Saddles are a great choice for those who are looking for similar feathers but with more of them. These are full grizzly saddles and have more feathers, which make them a great choice for those who tie a ton of flies. If you’re looking for just a few feathers that don’t have quite the range of applications, Whiting’s 100 Pack Saddles are an excellent choice, especially for those who tie a lot of dry flies. 

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