Hareline Gritty Brass Beads

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Bring the extra grit that your flies need with Hareline’s Gritty Brass Beads. These brass beads are textured and come in a range of colors to enhance the look of any nymph or steamer you can come up with. Very durable and easy to work with, these beads are a great choice whether you’re fishing alpine trout streams, stocked waters on the first day of the season, or high-sticking steelhead riffles.



Hareline’s Gritty Brass Beads are great for adding weight, a gritty appearance to the head of your flies, and a burst of color. These beads are a good addition to nymphs and streamers and come in five different sizes so you can dial them into any pattern in your box. Whether you’re exploring new water or fishing in pressured areas where you need to show the fish something different, you can rely on the Hareline’s Gritty Brass Beads.



Beads are a common item in fly tying, but few offer the look that Hareline’s Gritty Brass Beads have. While any brass bead will get you the weight that these beads offer, not many have the textured appearance and added grit. One bead that’s similar, however, is Hareline’s Mottled Tactical Tungsten Beads. These beads have a mottled look that’s similar to the Gritty Beads, but they are made of tungsten and are much heavier. So if you’re looking to really sink your flies, these are a suitable substitute, but if you just want to add that gritty look, then the Gritty Brass Beads are the superior choice. 

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