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Hareline’s flat diamond braid is a versatile multi-use body and flash material. It is made of mylar woven into a thin flat ribbon. It’s an easy material to tie in and is not slippery like some synthetics. Available in fourteen different colors to cover all of your tying needs.



Patterns and Tying Techniques - Typically, a flat diamond braid is used as a body material. It can be wrapped over a light thread base to create slim durable bodies for streamers, tube flies, steelhead flies, and saltwater patterns. Wrapped over a tapered thread base, it makes for an excellent body material for baitfish patterns. It can be picked out to create a flashy tail such as on Gotcha Shrimp Patterns. It is also a great material for use as a flashback for nymphs.



Hareline’s Flat Diamond Braid vs Hareline’s Diamond Braid - Flat Diamond braid is flat whereas Diamond braid is almost round. Diamond Braid is, as the name suggests, constructed from flat mylar tinsel braided together into a rope approximately 1/16 inch in diameter. Flat Diamond is also constructed of mylar braided together, but into a flat ⅛ inch wide ribbon. Use Diamond Braid when you want to create segmented bodies and Flat Diamond Braid when you want to create a smooth body.


Example Flies

Flats Flies and More - Flat Diamond Braid is perfect for tying Gotchas, Crazy Charlies and other flats flies like Craven’s Bonefish Junk. Other popular uses include various Steelhead patterns and intruders, flashbacks on nymphs, and bodies for Zonkers and Flatwings. The creative tyer will find numerous ways to incorporate Flat Diamond Braid into their flies.


Pack Size and Physical Description

Approximate Dimensions - Flat Diamond Braid comes in 4-yard lengths. The ribbon is approximately ⅛ inch wide.

Pack Size - One long continuous length per package. The approximate pack dimension is 4 by 3 inches.

**These sizes and dimensions may vary based on manufacturer changes**




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