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A versatile material that allows you to get a range of feather sizes without the cost of a neck or saddle, Hareline’s Bugger Hackle Packages make things easy. These feathers were bred to allow tyers the ability to whip up just about any size of Wooly Bugger--whether it’s a size 16 or 6, there’s a feather on these patches that can do it all. Bugger Hackle Patches come in a wide range of colors, and each pack contains two patches--one of which has feathers suitable for smaller flies while the other has feathers with longer fibers. And although Hareliner’s Bugger Hackle Patches were made with Wooly Bugger fanatics in mind, these feathers can be used for many tying applications ranging from tails on streamers like Hollow Fleyes and can even be wrapped to hackle a dry fly. Truly versatile feathers that don’t break the bank, Hareline Bugger Hackle Patches make using quality hackles easy for us all. 



While Hareline Bugger Hackle Patches lack the size variety and barb density of a top grade cape, you can still get a lot done with these patches. These feathers are an excellent choice for Wooly Buggers of any size, but they also make for great hackling material on smaller dry flies and nymph thoraxes, as well as nice and long tails on streamers like Deceivers and Half and Halfs. Whether you’re getting ready for a trip to the Delaware River and need a few Buggers and size 16 BWOs or want to add some lively tails to your saltwater and streamer patterns, these feathers are a reliable choice.


Hareline’s Bugger Hackle Patches should be most commonly compared to either a full neck or saddle. Full necks and saddles will offer the tyer a wealth of versatility in terms of feather sizing and feather count, but they tend to be quite expensive, especially for the tyer who exclusively wants to tie Wooly Buggers. Bugger Patches offer quality that’s similar to lower-grade necks and hackles, however, you end up getting fewer feathers and fewer feather sizes, but when you factor in the price of these patches, you’re still getting a great bargain for your buck. The bottom line is, those who want the highest quality and to have a large catalog of feather sizes should bump into the higher-cost saddles and necks, while those looking to exclusively tie Wooly Buggers or just stock their fly box quickly without much of an investment should go with Bugger Patches. 


Example Flies

Although these feathers are versatile and can be used for a variety of tying purposes, the Wooly Bugger remains the most popular fly that uses these feathers.

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