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Much bigger than your standard bag of Mallard Flank (the image shows the comparison with a normal-sized bag in the middle), Hareline Big Pack Mallard Flank is the perfect choice for those who run through Mallard Flank Feathers like water. Coming in two color options--Wood Duck Gold and Natural--Mallard Flank Feathers are a versatile feather with a wealth of different tying options. The variety of size in this large bag also makes it easy to always find a perfectly sized and marked feather. Whether you’re tailing a nymph, winging a dry fly, or adding structure to a streamer wing, Hareline’s Big Pack of Mallard Flank has a feather for it all. 



Mallard Flank Feathers are truly versatile and have been used in patterns for decades. These feathers are a popular choice for traditional Catskill Dry Fly wings, but that only scratches the surface of their applications. Hareline’s Mallard Flank is an excellent choice for things like tails and legs on nymphs, wings on wet flies, upright or down wings on dry flies, claws or shellbacks on crayfish, crabs, and shrimp, looped wing emergers, large soft hackles, wings on streamers, cut wingpads, and even some Spey and salmon flies. A material with a ton of different uses, Hareline’s Big Pack of Mallard Flank will serve your needs whether you fish saltwater, stillwater, flowing water, or a combination of the three. 


Mallard flank is one of the most common substitutes for wood duck flank and these two feathers share a lot of similarities. Both featuring a barred pattern and a soft hand means that they excel in similar areas, but some tyers feel that true wood duck adds a level of panache that's unachievable by mallard flank. What's one of the main differences between the two? Well, it mostly comes down to your budget and your personal choice as a tyer. Regardless, you can confidently substitute mallard for wood duck without fear of fish becoming picky and selective. 


Example Flies

Mallard Flank feathers are very versatile with countless uses, but a few of the most popular patterns that use these feathers are:


  • Light Cahill Dry Fly
  • Light Cahill Wet Fly
  • Dark Cahill Dry Fly
  • Dark Cahill Wet Fly
  • Zug Bug Nymph
  • Zoo Cougar Streamer


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