Hareline Baitfish Emulator Flash

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Easy to use and quick to provide realistic profile and color to your flies, Hareline’s Baitfish Emulator Flash is a must-have whether you’re prepping the smallmouth bass box or getting ready to hit your favorite tidal river. Baitfish Emulator Flash is made up of different textures of mylar and it’s strung together on an edge, making it nice and easy to wind, while its roughly 2.5” fibers make achieving larger profiles nice and easy (it can also be cut when tying smaller patterns). This synthetic material is great for making streamer bodies and heads and it sheds water quickly to make casting a breeze. Made in a variety of colors and ready for use in fresh and saltwater situations, Baitfish Emulator has all of the flash and profile that you need to convert tough fish. 


Since it has a thread core, Baitfish Emulator Flash is best wrapped right onto the hook to create a body or head on baitfish and some crustacean patterns. Baitfish Emulator Flash is about 2.5” long and it can be trimmed to fit smaller flies, which lets you tie both larger baitfish patterns as well as smaller flies. Baitfish Emulator is also a popular choice when tying Game Changer flies that require you to have a stiff underbody with flowing fibers over–think of it as a great choice when tying a Feather Game Changer and you need to create a bulky support to wrap Schlappen over. 


A material that’s similar to Baitfish Emulator Flash is Chocklett’s Filler Flash. Just like Baitfish Emulator Flash, Chocklett’s Filler Flash has a thread core so that you can wrap it on the hook. One difference between these two is that Filler Flash tends to be shorter than Emulator Flash, making it a better choice for smaller patterns. 


Roughly 2.5” long with 1 yard per package. 

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