Hareline Arctic Fox Tail Hair

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Arctic Fox Tail Hair is a lively material that helps add depth, movement, and color to your flies. This is a great material for streamer patterns and its soft, flowing nature creates flies with superior movement in the water. Fox Hair is incredibly easy to cut, tie in, and work with and provides the tyer with plenty of fibers for dozens of flies per package.



Patterns and Tying Techniques - This is a popular material among Steelhead tyers and is used for collars and wings on many different Steelhead streamers. It’s also a phenomenal material to use as a body or wing for Bonefish flies in the salt and other typical freshwater streamers. Many tyers use Fox Hair to replace Marabou or Craft Fur because of its softness and workability. Simply cut the hair off of the patch and tie it into your favorite fly.



Arctic Fox Tail Hair vs Extra Select Craft Fur - Many tyers use Arctic Fox instead of Craft Fur because it’s softer and has more movement in the water. If you need a more durable material with stiffer fibers, choose Craft Fur. If you want your flies to have more movement in the water and you want to work with a material that’s easier to manipulate, choose Arctic Fox Tail Hair.


Example Flies

Streamers, Saltwater Flies - As a replacement for both Marabou and Craft Fur, this material should be used in flies like the Silveynator Tube Fly (Steelhead streamer) or the Gotcha Shrimp (Bonefish fly). It can also be used in classic patterns like the Wooly Bugger and any other number of Bonefish shrimp patterns in saltwater.


Pack Size and Physical Description

Approximate Dimensions - The hair comes on a 6x3 inch patch. The hair itself is roughly 3 inches long..

Pack Size - One patch per pack.

**These sizes and dimensions may vary based on manufacturer changes**




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