Hareline Arctic Fox Hair

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Providing solid flow with just the right amount of volume, Hareline’s Arctic Fox Hair is a natural material with a ton of different applications. Arctic Fox Hair has an awesome blend of guard hairs and underfur and it provides excellent movement in the water. A versatile natural material, you can use Arctic Fox Hair for a variety of applications ranging from wings on steelhead/salmon flies all the way to tails and bulky heads on streamers patterns. These patches are high-quality and come in a ton of different colors–whether you’re looking for something bright to attract freshly-run chrome or need something a bit more natural for imitating saltwater baitfish, Hareline’s Arctic Fox Hair has an option for it all.  


Arctic Fox Hair is a very versatile material, and it’s most commonly used when tying wings on steelhead and salmon patterns. However, there are certainly other options for Arctic Fox Hair like whenever you need a durable tail on a streamer or want to tie in a bulky head that pushes water. Arctic Fox is also a great choice whenever you’re looking to craft dubbing brushes that have great flow and movement in the water. 


Although Arctic Fox Hair is a pretty unique material, another close option is Arctic Fisherman’s Finn Raccoon. Finn Raccoon has a similar fine texture that’s comprised of a solid mix of guard hairs and underfur, but the main difference is that Finn Raccoon Fur tends to be a bit longer in length, so if you’re looking to tie larger flies, it’s a better choice. Finn Raccoon also comes in a similar range of colors and you can use it for nearly the same applications as you can Arctic Fox Hair. 

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