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Hareline’s Antron Yarn is a durable material with a nearly endless amount of uses. Antron sheds water quickly and is a multi trilobal synthetic with a bit of crinkle to its appearance. This versatile material can be used for anything from parachute posts and spinner wings to trailing shucks and wound bodies. Antron Yarn has a natural shine to it and it comes in a ton of different colors to make “matching the hatch” nice and easy. One of those materials that you’ll find yourself grabbing for almost every time you’re hitting the vise, Antron Yarn is a material that you really can’t go wrong with. 



Antron Yarn is one of the most versatile materials around, and it has a wide range of uses. Antron is commonly used for things like: spinner wings, parachute posts, trailing shucks on emergers, wound larvae/nymphs/wetfly bodies, terrestrial bodies, wingcases, gills on chironomids, backs on small saltwater crustaceans, and you can even shred it and blend it into your dubbing for a natural sheen. And although that’s quite a long list of applications, there’s no doubt that the creative tier will find other uses for this valuable material. 



While there are plenty of synthetics similar to Antron Yarn, none are exactly like the original. However, one material that’s pretty close to Hareline’s Antron Yarn is Ds Flyes Darlon. Darlon is also a synthetic material with a bit of wave to its appearance and it can be used for very similar applications, but its texture and sheen aren’t exactly the same as Antron. 


Example Flies

One of the most commonly fished flies that utilizes Antron Yarn is the Sparkle Dun. 

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