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The Hardy Perfect needs no introduction. A reel that’s been around forever, this relic perfectly captures the spirit and soul of traditional Spey techniques. Don’t let its age fool you, however. Hardy has made some contemporary updates to this classic design to provide modern-day anglers with a reel that’s both current in performance and aged in style. In a world that’s filled with lightweight, large arbor reels, the Perfect is a welcome reminiscence of the days of fly anglers past. Buy a Perfect, purchase a piece of history.



Classic Aesthetics - The Hardy Perfect was designed to be a classic reel, and it’s redesigned model preserves the classic feel of the original Hardy Perfect. With traditional reel features including a click-and-pawl drag, an Ivorine reel handle, and a traditional arbor size, this reel is geared toward the angler who prefers a classic aesthetic. Beautiful craftsmanship and parts that are hand-made make this reel a true work of art.



CNC Machined, Anodized Finish - The Hardy Perfect is first machined then hand-polished and deep anodized for increased durability. Anodizing finishes the bar stock aluminum in a durable finish and holds up well when dropped or dinged. Anodizing is used on many fly reels today for its protective coat.



Bar Stock Aluminum - The Perfect is forged from bar stock aluminum for a lightweight, rugged design that holds up to anything the angler throws at it. Bar stock aluminum is popular in the fly fishing industry because of its strong, resilient nature. The Perfect also features a one-piece naval brass spindle and stainless steel ball bearings for effortless performance.



Type - The Perfect has a traditional click-check drag mechanism. This click-drag contributes to the reel’s classic aesthetics and traditional functionality. This drag system isn’t going to stop the largest fish in the ocean, but it’s a beautifully sounding reel for freshwater Spey/Switch applications.

Materials - The click-check drag system on the Perfect is made with titanium materials, stainless steel ball bearings, and a naval brass spindle. The drag system is intricate and beautifully smooth for frictionless running. It’s also easy to clean and remains durable for the life of the reel.


Arbor Size

Traditional Arbor - The Perfect has a traditional arbor, much different than many contemporary fly reels. This traditional arbor allows anglers to add backing or running line to the reel without worrying about overfilling it. The reel’s traditional arbor also accommodates thicker Spey and Switch fly lines for increased two-handed performance. This version of the Perfect also has a wide spool for increased line capacity.



Hardy Limited Warranty - As of September 2019, Hardy warrants that their reels will be free from material defects in design, material, and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date on which it was originally purchased. The warranty, like many others, doesn’t cover damage from misuse, negligence, or wear and tear. Hardy does repair reels. The service fee is $35 plus replacement parts for repair.


More Info

Best for: Freshwater, Streamers


Arbor Size: Traditional


Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
2 7/85.3 oz.LargeClick CheckWF4+604Gunmetal$675.00
3 1/85.7 oz.LargeClick CheckWF6+536Gunmetal$675.00
3 3/86.2 oz.LargeClick CheckWF8+757Gunmetal$675.00
3 7/89.9 oz.LargeClick CheckWF9+1559Gunmetal$775.00
4 1/411.3 oz.LargeClick CheckWF12+2659, 10, 11Gunmetal$875.00
4 in.11 oz.LargeClick CheckWF10+24711Gunmetal$875.00
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