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Replacing and building on their Wraith series of rods, Hardy’s Ultralite X Family picks up where those left off to provide you with a super-fast high-performance fly rod. Crafted with a rapid taper, the Ultralite X is a fast rod with enough power to throw long casts, chuck big flies when necessary, and handle windy and inclement weather, yet, unlike other super-fast rods, it still has enough “feel” to let you enjoy those short casts to fish rising in front of you. Made with Hardy’s Sintrix NSX and a high modulus carbon fiber, the Ultralite X series provides excellent durability and a very lightweight feel, making this a solid tool for those streams that require you to scramble down a mountainside before you get to make your first cast–Ceracoil stripper guides and Recoil snake guides only further strengthen that point. The Ultralite X Rods are made in line weights 5 through 8 in order to let you find the perfect option whether you’re looking to cast heavy nymph rigs at hefty trout or throw massive streamers at pike laid up in the weeds. 


Sintrix - Hardy utilizes their Sintrix NSX to create the blanks on their Ultralite X Rods. Their Sintrix NSX combines with a high modulus carbon fiber and rapid taper to give you an ultra-fast rod that can throw a tight loop into the wind, yet still maintain feel when casting up close. And with the Sintrix tech, you also get outstanding durability as a result of microscopic silica spheres that encompass each carbon fiber filament. 

To finish this blank off, Hardy has a contrasting graphite section near the cork of the rod, that then extends into a metallic red blank. While this might be an unconventional look to a blank, to paraphrase Ben, it’s one that just might remind you of a very fast sports car, which complements the fast action of this rod perfectly. 


Ceracoil Stripper Guides - To maintain high-quality componentry, the Ultralite X Rods are outfitted with Ceracoil Stripper Guides. A benchmark of durability, these guides resist damage and corrosion while providing excellent slickness and shootabiltiy of your line. 

Recoil Snake Guides - Made to be just as durable and slick as the Ceracoil Stripper Guides, these Recoil Snake Guides are super high-quality and will resist corrosion while also preventing them from bending out over time. Just like the Sintrix NSX blank, these guides can stand up to long days on the water and the random drop that seems oh-so-common when traversing rough trails and rocky creek beds. 

Reel Seat

Carbon Up-Locking Reel Seat - Hardy makes these rods with a nice carbon up-locking reel seat. The carbon construction is super lightweight and durable, and the up-locking construction keeps your real seated just where you wanted it all day long. And to add a classy touch to this reel seat, Hardy equips it with a burled wood insert that looks as good in your hand as it does on the water. 

Rod Tube

For safe storage everywhere you take it, Hardy equips this series of rods with an aluminum rod tube. Not only is this tube bombproof, but it features a clean Hardy logo that looks great whether it’s stored on your rack at home or sitting at the bottom of the drift boat. 


As of July 2022, Hardy’s Ultralite X Fly Rods are covered by their Worldwide Extended Warranty. This warranty is pretty straightforward, and for $75, it covers the repair or replacement of your rod. 

More Info

Rod Action: Fast action

Best for: Nymphs, Dry flies, and Streamers

Grip: Reversed Half Wells

Ability Level: Advanced (learn more)

Recommended Lines

ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Hardy Ultralite X 9ft 5wt Fly Rod (590-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft5Green PearlFast3 oz.$950.00
Hardy Ultralite X 9ft 6wt Fly Rod (690-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft6Green PearlFast3 oz.$950.00
Hardy Ultralite X 9ft 7wt Fly Rod (790-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft7Green PearlFast3.4 oz.$950.00
Hardy Ultralite X 9ft 8wt Fly Rod (890-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft8Green PearlFast3.4 oz.$950.00
Hardy Ultralite X 9ft 6in 7wt Fly Rod (796-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft 6in7Green PearlFast3.8 oz.$950.00
Hardy Ultralite X 10ft 7wt Fly Rod (7100-4)Reversed Half-Wells10ft7Green PearlFast3.8 oz.$950.00
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