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Hardy’s latest ultra-lightweight freshwater reel is a little more versatile than its freshwater reels of the past. First, this reel comes in sizes ranging from 3wt through 12wt… so it’s not just a freshwater reel. It also has an innovative line guide to protect thin running lines, an ultra-large arbor for fast pickup rates, and a durable design for years of performance. If you’re in the market for a new trout reel, this new reel from Hardy should be at the top of your list.



Versatile, Lightweight Design - The Ultradisc is engineered to be a lightweight, versatile reel series with line sizes from 3wt through 12wt. Hardy built the Ultradisc with a few important features that improve useability including an innovative and original spool/line guide for ultra-thin running lines. This means the Ultradisc is a phenomenal Euro Nymphing reel. It also has a great drag system and a lightweight design for performance across a range of reel models.



Anodized Finish - The anodizing on the Ultradisc is rigid and strong to preserve the structure of the reel and to increase durability. Type II anodizing holds up well to dings and scrapes. It also protects the reel from harsh weather conditions and ensures high performance for the lifetime of the reel.



6061 Bar Stock Aluminum - The Ultradisc is forged from aircraft-grade aluminum for a lightweight, rugged design that holds up to anything the angler throws at it. The porting on this reel is done intelligently to decrease overall reel weight without decreasing durability. 6061 aluminum is popular in the fly fishing industry because of its strong, resilient nature.



Type - The Ultradisc is built on a multi-disc drag system. Disc drags offer strong fish-stopping abilities and easy drag adjustability. This particular drag is sized perfectly to fit any freshwater or saltwater angler’s needs without adding too much weight to the reel.

Materials - The multi-disc drag on the Ultradisc is made with carbon fiber composite materials. Hardy has utilized carbon composites to keep the drag system lightweight without sacrificing strength or longevity.


Arbor Size

Ultra Large Arbor - The ultra-large arbor design of the Ultradisc allows anglers to pick line up quickly and efficiently. Line pickup is important when fighting freshwater and light saltwater fish and the Ultradisc is designed to help you land fish quicker.



Hardy Limited Warranty - As of August 2020, Hardy warrants that their reels will be free from material defects in design, material, and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date on which it was originally purchased. The warranty, like many others, doesn’t cover damage from misuse, negligence, or wear and tear. Hardy does repair reels. The service fee is $35 plus replacement parts for repair.


More Info

Best for: Allwater


Arbor Size: Ultra-Large


Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
30003.5 in.3.8 oz.LargeDisc DragWF4+454Black$350.00
40003.7 in.4 oz.LargeDisc DragWF5+755Black$350.00
60004.1 in.4.9 oz.LargeDisc DragWF7+1007Black$375.00
70004.3 in.5 oz.LargeDisc DragWF8+1158Black$395.00
30003.5 in.3.8 oz.LargeDisc DragWF4+454Gunmetal$350.00
40003.7 in.4 oz.LargeDisc DragWF5+755Gunmetal$350.00
50003.9 in.4.2 oz.LargeDisc DragWF6+806Gunmetal$375.00
60004.1 in.4.9 oz.LargeDisc DragWF7+1007Gunmetal$375.00
70004.3 in.5 oz.LargeDisc DragWF8+1158Gunmetal$395.00
100005 in.7 oz.LargeDisc DragWF10+24010Gunmetal$425.00
80004.5 in.6.4 oz.LargeDisc DragWF9+1509Gunmetal$425.00
90004.8 in.6.7 oz.LargeDisc DragWF10+15010Gunmetal$425.00
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