Hanak Competition Tungsten Eco+ Beads

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Fast water, high water, super deep tailouts, pockets behind boulders, the list of areas where having a heavy fly excels goes on and on, but Hanak’s Competition Tungsten Eco+ Beads are there to make the job easy. These high-quality tungsten beads come in packs of 50 and are super heavy to get your fly down quickly. Being crafted with a countersunk construction also makes these tungsten beads nice and easy to add to your flies. Made in a variety of colors and sizes, these beads are a great addition to your flies whether you’re weighting a small streamer or need to get a stonefly down deep. From heavy point flies in a multi-fly rig to Euro nymphs that are always ticking the bottom, no matter what you’re tying, Hanak’s Competition Tungsten Eco+ Beads are sure to get you to the bottom of the water column with ease. 



The Competition Tungsten Eco+ Beads are made to quickly add weight to your flies. You can use these beads as a head or a thorax on your fly, and they’re a great addition to streamers, nymphs, and Euro Nymphs. 



Hareline’s Plummeting Tungsten Beads are another great option whenever you need to get your flies deep quickly. These beads are also made out of tungsten, which makes them super heavy and durable while being closely similar to Hanak’s Competition Tungsten Eco+ Beads. One difference between these two tungsten beads is that Hareline’s Plummeting Tungsten Beads come in a wider range of colors and sizes, so if you’re looking to add a bright color to your flies or need something ultra heavy, these beads might have a more suitable offering. 

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