Hanak Competition Classic Brass Beads

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Hanak Classic Brass Beads

Adding a little weight while also giving an attractive flashy element to your flies, Hanak’s Competition Classic Brass Beads are an easy and effective addition to all of your subsurface patterns. These beads are made from brass, so they aren’t as heavy as other options like tungsten, but they still provide enough weight to help your flies get down. The Competition Classic Brass Beads are made in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate anything from tiny nymphs to larger streamer patterns, and they feature a countersunk construction for a seamless look to your flies. One of those things that give your fly extra appeal, you can rely on the Competition Classic Beads whether you’re tying realistic mayfly nymphs or an attractor like the Mop Fly. 



The Competition Classic Brass Beads from Hanak are used to add weight and a little glint of flash to your flies. These beads are a great choice at the head of flies like nymphs, streamers, and midges, but they can also be used in more unorthodox manners such as a thorax on nymphs and soft hackles. 


While brass beads are definitely a common material with other very close alternatives on the market, another option worth mentioning is Spirit River’s Tungsten Beads. These beads are very similar in profile and appearance to the Competition Classic Brass Beads, but the main difference is that, as its name implies, these beads are made out of tungsten. Tungsten is a much heavier metal, so these beads will get your fly much deeper in a lot less time, making them a perfect choice for swift and/or deep water. Just like the Competition Classic Brass Beads, these beads add a little flash to your patterns as well. Both bead options are a great choice to add to your flies, but if you need a little extra weight, it’s a better idea to use Spirit River’s Tungsten Beads; conversely, if you’re fishing shallower water or an area with spookier fish, then Hanak’s Competition Classic Brass Beads may be a better choice. 

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