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A new addition to the Greys lineup, their Wing Streamflex Fly Rod replaces the ever-loved GR80 to give you a powerful tool for pursuing freshwater fish in a wide range of conditions and environments. The Wing Streamflex is a rod built with a fast action and excellent accuracy; this makes it a great tool for the intermediate to advanced crowd without requiring you to bump into a $500 price point. Built in a range of line weights and lengths–starting with a 10’ 2-weight and increasing all the way to a 9’ 6-weight–there’s an option in the Wing Streamflex family whether you’re looking to Euro nymph pockets, accurately present dry flies on a technical spring creek, or chuck big streamers into logjams and deep pools. A rod series designed with freshwater-versatiltiy and ample power for handling large fish and casting into unfavorable conditions, the Wing Streamflex is a rod that you can rely on twelve months out of the year in nearly any environment. 


Powerlux Carbon Blank - While a carbon blank often translates to a super lightweight feel in hand, it comes with a reduction of strength and durability…well, that was until Greys incorporated the 3M Powerlux technology into this blank. Powerlux is a resin technology that offers “incredibly high shear modulus,” or increased stiffness and strength in the material by about 60% higher than other resins used. This construction makes the Wing Streamflex an ultra-lightweight performer that can stand up to a lifetime of use.

The Wing Streaflex provides excellent performance, but it also comes with convenience through features like alignment dots (upgraded with an additional clearcut line on the male ferrule) and a clear model indicator. The Wing Streamflex also boasts a solid aesthetic by combining a grey blank with a stark red section and the bottom.


Lined Hard Chrome Stripping Guides - With their lined stripping guides, Greys adds additional line speed and shootabilty to your cast without including a heavy feel. The Hard Chrome material works to add strength and long-lasting durability to your rod.

Single-Foot Snake Guides - Greys includes Single-Foot Snake Guides on the rest of their Wing Streamflex Rod. The single-foot configuration reduces weight, and Greys’ choice in decreasing the diameter of the single-foot guides works to increase casting accuracy. 

Reel Seat

Alloy Reel Seat with Selected Wood Spacers - The Wing Streamflex is built with an Alloy Reel Seat that’s lightweight and slightly asymmetrical. The asymmetrical configuration feels and looks round, but it has a minuscule flat spot for easy and perfect reel alignment every single time. This reel seat also has a keyed and milled slide band to further decrease the weight in hand. 

Rod Tube

Greys packages their Wing Salt in a durable rod tube with a rod sock. This tube is tough and durable, and it gives your rod the perfect place to rest whether in an airplane or strapped onto the drift boat.


As of October 2022, Greys offers a lifetime warranty for their Wing Streamflex series. In order to be eligible for this warranty, you must register your rod within 60 days of ownership. This warranty requires a fee to process, and it will cover the repair or replacement (at Greys’ discretion) of your rod for things like damage or broken/defective sections. 


More Info

Rod Action: Fast

Best for: Nymphs, Dry Flies, and Streamers

Grip: AAA Grade Cork 

Reversed Half Wells

Ability Level: Intermediate (learn more)

Recommended Lines


ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Greys Wing Streamflex 9ft 8in 2/3wt Fly Rod (2/398-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft 8in2/3Grey/RedFast$499.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 11ft 6in 3wt Fly Rod (3116-4)Reversed Half-Wells11ft 6in3Grey/RedFast$459.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 10ft 6in 3wt Fly Rod (3106-4)Reversed Half-Wells10ft 6in3Grey/RedFast$449.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 10ft 5wt Fly Rod (5100-4)Reversed Half-Wells10ft5Grey/RedFast$459.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 10ft 3wt Fly Rod (3100-4)Reversed Half-Wells10ft3Grey/RedFast$449.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 10ft 4wt Fly Rod (4100-4)Reversed Half-Wells10ft4Grey/RedFast$449.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 10ft 2wt Fly Rod (2100-4)Reversed Half-Wells10ft2Grey/RedFast$439.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 9ft 6wt Fly Rod (690-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft6Grey/RedFast$409.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 9ft 3wt Fly Rod (390-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft3Grey/RedFast$399.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 9ft 4wt Fly Rod (490-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft4Grey/RedFast$399.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 9ft 5wt Fly Rod (590-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft5Grey/RedFast$399.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 8ft 4wt Fly Rod (480-4)Reversed Half-Wells8ft4Grey/RedFast$389.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 8ft 6in 5wt Fly Rod (586-4)Reversed Half-Wells8ft 6in5Grey/RedFast$389.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 7ft 3wt Fly Rod (370-4)Reversed Half-Wells7ft3Grey/RedFast$379.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 7ft 6in 4wt Fly Rod (476-4)Reversed Half-Wells7ft 6in4Grey/RedFast$379.95
Greys Wing Streamflex 6ft 6in 3wt Fly Rod (366-4)Reversed Half-Wells6ft 6in3Grey/RedFast$369.95
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