Gamakatsu B10S Stinger Hooks

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When it comes to versatility at the vise and on the water, Gamakatsu’s B10S Stinger Hooks sets a bar that few other hooks can. Featuring a stinger bend, the B10S adds additional security when setting the hook, and with its chemically sharpened point and black nickel finish, you get strength and sharpness like no other. Featuring a long shank with sizes ranging from 14 all the way to a 5/0, the B10S has an option whether you’re feeding musky massive articulated flies or trout smaller bugs. Ready for use in both fresh and saltwater, the B10S is a popular hook that you can rely on for nearly everything. 


Gamakatsu’s B10S Stinger Hooks is one of the most versatile hooks on the market. While it’s commonly used to tie large streamers and articulated flies, it’s also an excellent platform for tying poppers like mice and Gurglers, and thanks to its wide range of sizes, you can also use it for smaller trout offerings like nymphs, terrestrials, and wet flies. Few hooks can run the gamut like the B10S, and you can turn to it with confidence whether you’re casting flies at striped bass in a tidal river, musky in a reservoir, or trout in a small stream. 


Another stinger hook that’s similar to the B10S is Ahrex’s XO750 Universal Stinger Hook. The XO750 also features a stinger bend, black nickel finish, and sharp point, but it does differ from the B10S in that the B10S comes in a much wider range of sizes and has a more dramatic stinger bend. While both of these hooks are fine options, depending on the size/type of the fly you’re looking to tie, the B10S may have a more suitable size. 

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