Gaelforce Equalizer Spey Rod

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The new, innovative, user-friendly and highly efficient Gaelforce Equalizer 4pc rod range is capable of fishing either accurately at close range, or allowing easy use of its power reserves to fish effectively at greater distances. During the lengthy and critical process of testing this rod taper configured in various new carbon materials, whilst on the river in real fishing situations, my primary aim was developing an ergonomically efficient fly rod. I used my wide design and fishing experience to achieve this, paying particular attention to incorporate into the blank some very important design features that mixed lightness and strength,achieving a modern progressive action loading deeper into the butt section, while also having a fast recovery combined with a strong responsive tip section.The Gaelforce Equalizer 4pc rod range is capable of staying true to plane when under load and delivering a fly line in a straight line path without any unwanted side deflection. These rods  will not disappoint, I am proud to put my name and lifetime of experience to the Gaelforce Equalizer 4pc fly rod range. A beautifully finished fly rod range which is capable of casting Spey lines, shooting heads and skagit lines with minimum effort.


Rod Action: Medium-Fast

Grip: Spey

Best For: Nymphs, Streamers, Big water

Experience Level: Advanced-Expert

ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Gaelforce Equalizer 14ft 9/10wt Spey Rod (9/10140-4)Two-Handed Spey14ft9/10GreenFast10 oz.$1,034.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 15ft 10wt Spey Rod (10150-4)Two-Handed Spey15ft10GreenFast10.75 oz.$1,164.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 16ft 10/11wt Spey Rod (10/11160-4)Two-Handed Spey16ft10/11GreenFast13.35 oz.$1,484.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 18ft 10/11wt Spey Rod (10/11180-4)Two-Handed Spey18ft10/11GreenFast14.75 oz.$1,534.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 15ft 11wt Spey Rod (11150-4)Two-Handed Spey15ft11GreenFast11.75 oz.$1,429.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 15ft 12wt Spey Rod (12150-4)Two-Handed Spey15ft12GreenFast11.75 oz.$1,534.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 11ft 3in 7/8wt Spey Rod (7/8113-4)Two Hand11ft 3in7/8$849.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 13ft 6in 9wt Spey Rod (9136-4)13ft 6in9Green$1,034.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 16ft 9/10wt Spey Rod (9/10160-4)16ft9/10Green$1,459.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 14ft 6in 9/10wt Spey Rod (9/10146-4)Two-Handed Spey14ft 6in9/10GreenMedium10 oz.$1,084.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 13ft 7/8wt Spey Rod (Two-Handed Spey)(7/8130-4)Two-Handed Spey13ft7/8GreenFast9 oz.$979.99
Gaelforce Equalizer 13ft 8/9wt Spey Rod (Two-Handed Spey)(8/9130-4)Two-Handed Spey13ft8/9GreenFast9 oz.$979.99
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