Gaelforce Equalizer Altitude Extreme Distance Head

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GAELFORCE 'Equalizer' Extreme Distance - "Altitude"

  • The GAELFORCE Equalizer Extreme distance head is the most successful distance casting line in the history of competition Spey-casting.
  • The GAELFORCE Equalizer Extreme distance head holds the current world record distance in every Spey-casting discipline.
  • The GAELFORCE Equalizer Extreme distance head has won every major Spey-casting competition in the world since its introduction.

“I designed the  GAELFORCE 'Equalizer' Extreme Distance Head  range for maximum distance casting on powerful 15- 16 and18-foot rods where wading is required or from a platform.

You may cut the GAELFORCE 'Equalizer' Extreme Distance Head at either the rear of the head or the front of the head without altering the essential flight characteristics of the line. In this way, you can ‘tune’ the line to your rod, your stroke length or your preferred wading depth.

The GAELFORCE 'Equalizer' Extreme Distance Head uses a unique exceptionally supple coating, making it easier for you to achieve very high line speeds and super-tight loops. You will be amazed at the distances that you are able to achieve with this line on the river or in a Spey-casting competition.”- James Chalmers

Designed for the connoisseurs of Extreme distance fly casting  with all the characteristics of true performance, efficiency and results of a true marque .

The authenticity of the designs for practical everyday use is guaranteed as all GAELFORCE Equalizer EED Extreme Distance rods and lines have been thoroughly tested in the ultimate pressure cooker of the worlds most prestigious Spey-casting competitions by the world's finest Spey casters.

"Place our experience in your Hands"

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