Fly Tying Tools

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  1. Hareline Mega Tying Pad
  2. Solarez Bone Dry Ultra Thin
  3. Stonfo Dubbing Hair Clips
  4. Hareline Waste Collector Vise Attachment
  5. Griffin Hook-Hackle Gauge
  6. Hareline Fly Tying Material Stash Boxes
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  7. Whiting Hackle Gauge
  8. Hareline UV Cure Light
  9. Stonfo Half Hitch Set
  10. Hareline Cautery Tool
  11. Out of stock
    Stonfo Elite Bodkin
  12. Stonfo Bodkin
  13. Renzetti Ruby Tip Bobbin
  14. Dr. Slick Titanium Oxide Bobbin
  15. Dr. Slick Ceramic Bobbin
  16. Hareline Extended Whip Finisher
  17. Stonfo Dubbing Brush Device
  18. Peak Hex Stacker
  19. Rite Half Hitch Bobbin
  20. Dr. Slick MicroTip Scissor
  21. Hareline Hook and Hackle Pliers
  22. Hareline Bodkin Half Hitch Tool
  23. Tyflyz Toolz Hackle Tweezera
  24. Dr. Slick Non-Rotary Hackle Plier
  25. Griffin Ceramic Bobbin
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Fly tying, like fly fishing, requires a bunch of gear. A tyer needs different tools to help tie efficiently and productively. Tools can also make tying easier and more convenient. We’ve got a huge variety of the best fly tying tools from bobbins to hackle pliers to razor holders and much more. Brands like Dr. Slick and Renzetti offer the best vises and tools in the fly tying game and we have over 20 brands for the largest selection of tools on the market. Whether you’re an experienced tyer or just getting into the game for the first time, start here to build your fly tying bench and your skills. 


One of the biggest names in fly tying tools is Loon. Loon makes a variety of tools for the avid fly tyer including scissors, bobbins, combs, and much more. Loon’s Ergonomic Bobbin is user-friendly and highly efficient with a design that lasts for hundreds of flies. Partner the Ergonomic Bobbin with Loon’s Ergonomic Hair Scissors for ultimate tying performance at the vise. Whatever you need at the vise, chances are Loon makes a version of it. 


Dr. Slick is another popular brand in fly tying tools. Dr. Slick tools are stylish and functional; the All-Purpose Scissor is a great companion at the vise when you need to cut any fly tying material from Flash to Chenille. If you need a pair of scissors to do some more heavy-duty cutting, choose the Dr. Slick Heavy Duty Prep Scissor. These things cut wire, foam, plastic, and pretty much whatever you want them to cut. These are some of the most heavy-duty fly tying scissors on the market and they’re durable and rugged for years of use. Dr. Slick also makes some smaller tools like the Hook File that are useful on the water and at the vise. 


While we have a huge list of brands, we also have a large list of subcategories to help you find the tool you’re looking for faster. Subcategories include Hackle Pliers, Lights, Bodkins, Hair Stackers, and more. One of the largest categories is Scissors. We have an expansive selection of scissors for every tying scenario. Cohen’s Curved Sculpting Scissors help trim at an angle when tying streamers or dry flies. A variety of fine point scissors allow you to trim with pinpoint accuracy when sculpting tiny nymphs and midges. 


We also have a large selection of Dubbing tools. Multiple Dubbing Spinner options allow the tyer to choose his/her favorite or the right one for the specific fly you’re tying. Hareline’s Ultimate Dubbing Brush allows you to pick dubbing once it’s tied into the fly. Use the Stonfo Dubbing Twister to twist longer dubbing noodles or the Griffin Dubbing Teaser to pick out dubbing that gets caught under thread. 


Regardless of which tool you’re looking for, we’ve got one of the largest selections in fly fishing. With all of the industry’s top brands and a huge variety of subcategories, our website allows you to quickly search a huge selection of tools to find what you’re looking for. Best of all? Everything ships FOR FREE. Shop Now!