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  1. Pro Sportfisher Flexitube System
    Special Price $5.99 - $6.99 was $6.99
  2. Pro Sportfisher Hook Guides
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  3. HMH Hook Holder Tubing
    $2.99 - $10.99
  4. Stonfo Tube Fly Tool
  5. HMH Micro Tubing
  6. Pro Sportfisher Raw Weights
  7. HMH Poly Tubes
  8. Pro Sportfisher Flexi Weights
    Special Price $5.99 - $6.99 was $6.99
  9. Pro Sportfisher Drop Weights
    Special Price $5.99 - $6.99 was $6.99
  10. Pro Sportfisher Micro Tubes
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  11. Eumer Tubefly Tool
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Tube flies are poplar on Atlantic Salmon rivers in eastern Canada and beyond. People also utilize tube flies on the western coast of the US for Steelhead, in Alaska for Steelhead and Trout, and in Europe. Tying tube flies often requires a multitude of materials and we’ve grouped them all in one category so you can easily find what you need without having to scour the website. Perhaps the most important material required when tying tube flies is the tube itself. We carry a wide variety of tubes from HMH to Fish-Skull to Hareline and everything in between. We also carry body tubing, micro tubing, and dura tubing to provide the angler with the most variety and the most options. 


HMH is one of the leading brands in tube fly tying supplies. HMH manufactures a variety of tubes for the avid tyer and enthusiastic Salmon/Steelhead angler. Most HMH tubes can be cut to length and allow a leader to easily slide through to give tube fly streamers the most action in the water. If you’re swinging a fly, choose HMH tubes. HMH Poly Tubes are perhaps HMH’s most popular tube fly material. These tubes are tough and built for cold water performance in rugged Steelhead/Salmon environments. The tubes are colored so any color streamer can easily be matched to tube color. HMH also makes Hook Holder Tubing, Micro Tubing, a Small Rigid Tube Assortment, and much more. 


Hareline also distributes a few tubing options that we carry. EZ Pearl Body Tubing is perfect for tying flashy flies that grab the attention of a fish in muddy water or cloudy conditions. This body tubing is also lightweight and water-resistant so it’s easy to cast and doesn’t hold too much water. Micro tubing is better for wrapping bodies on flies but can also be used to build a fly profile. 


Stonfo’s Tube Fly Tool helps the novice tyer build a tube fly and tie materials around the tube more easily. This tool helps when you’re building the body of a fly and when you’re wrapping materials on top of a tube. Using the tool makes tying tube flies much more efficient and allows the angler to tie faster. Stonfo has made the tool with two stainless steel pins to increase durability. This is a tool that will last for a lifetime at the vise.


Whether you’re new to tying tube flies or your a tube fly expert, you can find everything you need right here. Plus, we’ve got a wide variety of hooks for all your tube fly tying needs. All materials in this category, and every category, SHIP FOR FREE OVER $49. Trident also has a price match guarantee which means you’re always getting the lowest available price. Shop now!