Miscellaneous Fly Tying Material

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  1. Copic Sketch Marker
    Special Price $6.49 - $9.99 was $9.99
  2. UTC Spool Box
  3. Hareline Howitzer Baitfish Popper Heads
    $7.39 - $7.49
  4. Loon Fly Tying Mat
  5. Protojawn The Jawn Set
  6. Chartpak Ad Markers
  7. UTC Vials
  8. Cohen's Squid Tentacles
  9. Loon Reel Lube
  10. Hareline Stash Flash Pods
  11. Spawn 90 Degree Jig Shanks
    Special Price $4.99 was $5.89
  12. Hareline Clear Flylipps
  13. Sakura Waterproof Pentouch Marker
    Special Price $2.99 - $4.99 was $4.99
  14. Out of stock
    Regal Logo Tying Pad
  15. Out of stock
    Zap Trap Bottle Holder
  16. Out of stock
    Stonfo CDC Feather Block
  17. Out of stock
    Hareline Magnetic Hook Bowl
  18. Out of stock
    Hareline Wooden Tool Caddy
  19. Nymph-Head Articulated Wiggle Tail Shank
    Out of stock
    Nymph-Head Articulated Wiggle Tail Shank
    was $3.39 Special Price $1.99
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The Miscellaneous Fly Tying category is a catch-all for products and accessories for the avid tyer that don’t belong in any other category. These products will help you become a better tyer and are often overlooked by novice tyers and expert tyers alike. This category captures tools, gadgets, and other materials. If you’re looking for a specific tool and you can’t find it in any other category, it’s probably here. Everything from markers to hair stackers to jig shanks and much more can be found in this category. 


Looking for a way to keep materials off of your clothes while tying? Sometimes cutting deer hair and other materials can get messy. Choose the Hareline Tyer Armor Apron to keep your clothes clean during time at the vise. This apron is durable and comfortable and is a great accessory to have for novice and expert tyers alike. The apron is easily washable and is made with materials that last for years. 


If you’re looking for jig shanks or hook connectors, we have those in this category, too. Hareline’s Bling Tail Connector Kit is a great tool for connecting a fly tail to a hook. This kit is perfect for connecting Forked Bling Tails and more to make your pattern as fishy as possible. Each Bling Tail Connector Kit comes with 10 barrel swivels, tail connectors, spring clips, and small rubber stoppers for easy efficiency at the vise. Spawn’s 90-degree Jig Shanks are perfect for articulated streamers of all sizes. Are you a streamer junkie? Use these shanks to give life to any streamer pattern and add Hareline’s slotted or Tungsten beads for weight and improved jig action. 


Similar to the Bling Tail Connector Kit, the miscellaneous fly tying category also features a Nymph-Head Articulated Wiggle Tail Shank that’s great for tying articulated nymphs and smaller streamers. These articulated shanks add lifelike movement and are great for tying stoneflies and other large nymphs. They can also be used to tie swimmer nymphs and small streamers


There are other tools to aid in the tying of flies. The Cohen’s Squid Tentacles add a lifelike profile to any squid fly. Hareline’s parachute posts allow tyers to tie a parachute dry fly without having to manually tie/create the post. These are perfect for flies like the Parachute Adams and many more. Other tools help make tying easier and more efficient like the Loon Zippy Hair Stacker that allows the tyer to stack hair evenly and exactly. 


Chartpak Ad Markers allow the angler to add color to any streamer. If the material you’re tying with doesn’t have barring, add some with a variety of colors and high-performance tips. These markers are perfect for extended bodies or adding dots to a nymph/dry fly.


Regardless of your miscellaneous fly tying needs, we’ve got a huge collection to help you during your time at the fly tying bench. Best of all? All items in this category, and every fly tying category, SHIP FOR FREE! Shop Now!