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  1. Hareline Thin Fly Foam
  2. River Road Morrish Hopper Foam Body Cutter
    $23.99 - $61.99
  3. Hareline Fly Foam
    $1.99 - $2.99
  4. River Road Spider Foam Body Cutter
    Special Price $10.49 - $11.99 was $11.99
  5. Chicone's Fettuccine Foam
  6. River Road Frog Foam
  7. River Road Speckled Foam
  8. River Road Floating Minnow Head Cutter
    Special Price $14.99 was $69.99
  9. River Road Tomsu's Supreme Cricket Foam Cutter
    Special Price $34.99 - $49.99 was $61.99
  10. River Road Caddis Wing Cutter
    Special Price $6.99 - $69.99 was $10.69 - $69.99
  11. River Road Beetle Foam Body Cutter
    $12.99 - $59.99
  12. River Road Gurgler Cutter
    $10.89 - $16.99
  13. River Road STP Frog Foam Body Cutter
    Special Price $18.99 - $54.99 was $18.99 - $69.99
  14. Rainys Parachute Post
  15. River Road Chernobyl Round End Body Cutter
    $14.99 - $56.99
  16. River Road Beavertail Foam Body Cutter
    $15.99 - $58.99
  17. River Road Universal Bug Wing Cutter
    Special Price $6.99 - $49.99 was $10.99 - $67.99
  18. River Road Spent Stonefly Wing Cutter
    Special Price $11.99 - $39.99 was $15.99 - $56.99
  19. Hareline Evazote Foam
  20. River Road Crawfish/Shrimp Shellback Cutter
    Special Price $14.99 - $49.99 was $16.99 - $56.99
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Foam flies have long been a staple during hopper season on western trout rivers and when fishing mouse flies in Alaska. There are multiple patterns that can be tied with foam and foam is most easily cut with a foam cutter. Foam cutters are preshaped to provide the cut that turns a foam square into a frog, gurgler, or popper. Of course, these cutters come in multiple sizes and many different shapes for all of your foam fly tying needs. The foam itself also comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so you can tie a head of a fly, a bumblebee fly, and much more. 


Nearly every foam cutter we carry is made by River Road. River Road Foam Cutters can be used to tie Crickets, Spiders, Baitfish, Crabs, Crawfish, Stoneflies, and many more patterns. All cutters are made with a sharp metal shape cutter and a wooden handle for easy pressing and quick cuts. The majority of these cutters come in a wooden box with a cutting pad and directions for best use. These cutters are easy to pack and travel with and can be used either at home or on the road for all of your foam fly needs. Each cutter corresponds to a hook size that takes user-friendliness to the next level. These cutters are also high-quality and stand up to weather and wear. 


While most of the cutters in this category are River Road, most of the foam is distributed by Hareline. Hareline foam is top quality and simple to tie with. Hareline’s Zudbubbler Popper Bodies are great pre-cut fly bodies that can be used to tie any kind of popper-- saltwater, freshwater, and a popper fly for every species that swims. Hareline’s Chicone’s Fettuccine Foam comes in small rectangular strands that can be tied in and cut to form the head of streamers, floating flies, and more. Hareline even makes a foam that’s “furry”. Hareline Furry Foam can be used to give profile and dimension to mouse patterns and more. The material will absorb water and can be used for crab flies, crayfish flies, and much more. 


Hareline also has regular fly foam. Hareline Fly Foam comes in many different colors, thicknesses, and can be used for a multitude of patterns. Fly foam is great for Panfish flies, Bass flies, Trout flies, and more. Are you tying a hopper pattern for hungry trout on a river in the western US? This foam will make the perfect body for your hopper, ant, beetle, and more. Hareline Evazote Foam is a closed-cell foam that floats well and doesn’t collect water. This foam is another great option for floating dry fly patterns. 


So for all of your foam fly tying needs, we’ve got you covered. From foam cutters to fettuccine foam, we carry the largest brands who make the very best in foam fly tying materials. Before tying your next pattern for trout, panfish, bass, and more, browse our selection of foam fly tying materials. Everything SHIPS FOR FREE OVER $49! Shop Now.