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  1. Hareline Krystal Flash
    $3.99 - $4.99
  2. Hedron Flashabou
  3. Hareline UV Krystal Flash
  4. Hedron Lateral Scale
  5. Hedron Holographic Flashabou
    $4.59 - $5.79
  6. Hedron Mirage Flashabou
  7. Hedron Saltwater Flashabou
  8. Hedron Magnum Flashabou
    Special Price $5.99 - $6.99 was $6.99
  9. Hareline Chroma Flash
  10. Hedron Holographic Saltwater Flashabou
    Special Price $4.69 - $5.99 was $5.99
  11. Hedron Fire Fly Tye
    Special Price $4.49 - $4.99 was $4.99
  12. Hedron Flashabou Weave
  13. Hareline Flashback
    Special Price $2.49 - $3.99 was $3.99
  14. Just Add H2O Frenzy Fiber
  15. Hareline Midge Flash
    $4.69 - $4.99
  16. Hedron Polarflash
  17. Hedron Speckled Flashabou
  18. Hareline UV Minnow Belly
  19. Hedron Mirage Opal Sheet
  20. Hedron Mirage Krinkle Sheet
    Hedron Mirage Krinkle Sheet
    was $3.99 Special Price $2.99
  21. Hedron Glow In The Dark Flashabou
    Special Price $4.69 - $5.99 was $5.99
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If you’ve spent any time tying flies chances are you’ve tied with flash or Flashabou. Flash adds color and eye-catching shine to any streamer or nymph. Flash can be palmered forward, tied in sparsely, or wrapped to create a nymph body. It can also be used in saltwater flies including crab and shrimp patterns for extra flash in the water and for a more colorful, catchy fly body. We carry a large variety of flash from Grizzly Barred Flashabou to Hareline Chroma Flash to Hedron Saltwater Flashabou, and much more. These different types of flash all come in a huge selection of colors and some even come in different sizes. We have one of the largest selections of Flash in the fly fishing industry so check here first for all of your Flash/Flashabou needs. 


Most of the flash we carry is Hedron Flashabou. Hedron makes a massive selection of colors, styles, and sizes for a uniquely diverse product offering that you can’t find anywhere else. One of the most popular products from Hedron is the Hedron Holographic Magnum Flashabou. This Flashabou comes with a 3D color effect to create an extreme spectrum of light to entice fish from long distances or in cloudy water. 


Hedron also makes a few different types of Flashabou that are specifically designed for dark water fishing. The Hedron Accent Glow In The Dark Flashabou offers the angler an easy way to tie in some material that glows in the dark for deepwater streamers on cloudy rivers. The Hedron Pearl-A-Glow Flashabou also provides anglers with material to complement a fly designed for darker environments. This Flashabou will jump out at fish and bring depth and color to any fly. Finally, Hedron Glow In The Dark Flashabou also functions as a material that’s perfect for tying flies designed for nighttime fishing. 


Hedron also makes Flashabou that’s designed for saltwater fishing. Hedron Holographic Saltwater Flashabou adds bright color and reflective capabilities to saltwater-safe Flashabou for the perfect material to tie a variety of Bonefish Flies, Permit Flies, Striper Flies, and more. If you’d prefer a material that’s a little more muted, the Hedron Saltwater Flashabou is less holographic and not as bright. 


Hareline also has multiple Flash offerings. Hareline Helix Flash is translucent and supple for increased movement in the water and superb durability. This material is a great option for creating lateral lines on streamers or doubling over and wrapping as a body. Hareline Alaskan Fuchsia Haze Holographic Flash is the perfect material for tying streamers like the Dolly Llama for Silver Salmon and Rainbow Trout in Alaska. Similarly, Hareline Grizzly Krystal Flash is a great option for trout streamers throughout the US and beyond. If you’re tying baitfish fly patterns, choose Hareline Mega Baitfish Emulator Flash or Hareline UV Minnow Belly for realistic baitfish patterns that are sure to fool any fish. Regardless of which fly you’re tying, Hareline offers some top-notch flash. 


We have one of the largest selections of Flashabou in the fly fishing industry with saltwater flash, freshwater flash, glow in the dark flash, and much. Whether you’re shopping for holographic or minnow belly, every flash we sell SHIPS FOR FREE OVER $49. Shop Now!