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  1. Loon UV Clear Fly Finish
    $19.00 - $60.00
  2. Solarez Thin Hard UV Cure Resin
    $5.99 - $61.99
  3. Solarez Colored UV Cure Resin
  4. Solarez Thick Hard UV Cure Resin
    $5.99 - $61.99
  5. Solarez Flex Formula UV Cure Resin
    $5.99 - $35.99
  6. Loon UV Colored Fly Finish
    Special Price $15.49 - $19.00 was $19.00
  7. Loctite Brush On Super Glue
  8. Solarez UV Cure Resin 3-Pack
  9. Loon Swax High Tack
  10. Solarez Pro Roadie Kit
  11. Solarez Medium UV Cure Resin
    $15.99 - $35.99
  12. Zap Roe & Go
    Special Price $2.99 - $3.49 was $3.49
  13. Hareline Touch Dub Wax
    $3.99 - $5.89
  14. Pacer Fly Fishing Zap Goo
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If there’s one thing that increases the life and durability of a hand-tied fly, it’s head cement or epoxy or glue. Cement and glue allow a tyer to anchor thread wraps, add extra support to a fly’s head, or build a body with clear, hard epoxy. This allows tyers to build a durable fly sometimes without using fly tying materials at all. Glue and epoxy are great for creating a tight, durable fly that stands the test of time on the water. We carry a multitude of fly tying brands that make a variety of different types of cement/epoxy/ and glue. Brands include Deer Creek, Hareline, Loctite, Loon, Solarez, Wapsi, and many more. 


One of the most popular brands we carry is Loon. Loon makes a variety of cement and fly finishes from Clear Fly Finish to UV Wader Repair. Another well-known Loon product is the Loon Hard Head Fly Tying Cement. This head cement is odorless, non-toxic, thick and great for building glossy fly heads and bodies. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can build any fly exactly the way you want it. If you aren’t familiar with head cement or UV fly finish, Loon’s UV Fly Paint Kit provides the novice tyer with the tools of the trade: a light, needles, three different colors of fly paint, and more. This is also a great kit for the experienced tyer who wants to buy all three colors at the same time. 


Solarez also makes a variety of fly tying formulas that can help increase the durability of any fly. The Solarez Fly Tie Thin Hard Formula is easy to apply and quick to cure. When it dries, this odor-less, fast-curing, tack-free formula remains very durable and remains for the life of the fly. If you’d prefer a 3-pack of UV resin, Solarez has that, too. Choose the Solarez Fly Tie UV Resin 3-Pack for easy convenience and versatile tying capabilities. This 3-pack comes with thin, thick, and flex formula for a multitude of patterns and tying scenarios. 


Loctite is another well-known manufacturer in the fly tying cement game. Loctite is known for brush on Super Glue that locks down thread wraps and keeps flies from unraveling. Loctite’s Ultra Liquid Control works fast and holds strong with a clear-drying adhesive that’s water-resistant. This glue is perfect for all your fly tying needs. Loctite also makes a Gel Control Super Glue that is ideal for porous surfaces and vertical applications. 


Finally, ZAP is another brand that makes a wide variety of fly tying glues that are durable and efficient. ZAP Rubber Tough, for example, creates a strong, permanent bond with a thick, clear formula for incredible durability and toughness. Zap also makes a fly fishing quick set epoxy for nymphs, streamers, and any other patterns that could benefit from a strong, quick-setting glue. Zap makes a lot of quality products and should be considered whenever a tyer is choosing a glue or head cement


Whether you’re looking for a quick-dry epoxy or a strong, clear-finish glue, we’ve got all your cement/glue/epoxy needs covered right here at Trident. We have one of the largest selections in the industry and every cement, epoxy, and glue SHIPS FOR FREE*(*if minimum order is met) . Shop Now!