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  1. Enrico Puglisi Craft Fur Brush
    Special Price $9.99 - $14.99 was $9.99 - $14.99
  2. Enrico Puglisi Sparkle Brush
    Special Price $12.99 - $14.99 was $14.99
  3. Enrico Puglisi Senyo Chromatic Brush
    Special Price $15.49 - $17.99 was $17.99
  4. Enrico Puglisi Foxy Brush
    Special Price $15.49 - $17.99 was $17.99
  5. Just Add H2O Lively Legs Crustacean Brush
    Special Price $8.49 - $9.99 was $9.99
  6. Just Add H2O Streamer Brush
  7. Enrico Puglisi Invader Brush
  8. Enrico Puglisi Woolly Critter Brush
    Special Price $12.99 - $14.99 was $14.99
  9. Just Add H2O Flash Blend Baitfish Brush
    Special Price $5.49 - $6.99 was $6.99
  10. Enrico Puglisi Sommerlatte's Grizzly Foxy Brush
    Special Price $15.49 - $17.99 was $17.99
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Brushes are a popular fly tying material for wrapping bodies, heads, and more. Brushes can be used on streamers, nymphs, and any pattern that a tyer builds a body on. They can also be tied in directly onto the hook to create a tail or a body. Brushes come in a variety of styles and shapes. We carry all of the top brands including Enrico Puglisi, Hareline, Just Add H2O, and Senyos. These top brands carry a huge variety of brushes including baitfish brush, chromatic brush, fox brush, sparkle brush, and many more. These brands make the highest quality brushes on the market and we carry the complete selection from foxy to crustaceous. 


Enrico Puglisi, or EP, is known for creating some of the most widely used brush in the world of fly tying. EP Brush is durable, colorful, and easily wrapped or palmered to create a large variety of flies including streamers and nymphs. One of the most popular EP brushes is the EP Minnow Head Brush. The Minnow Head Brush comes in two different varieties: Wide UV and regular. The wide UV brush fools fish in cloudy water while the regular minnow head features a more muted color-scheme for fish in clear water. EP also makes a Steelegg Brush that’s perfect for tying Steelhead Eggs, an Invader Brush for tying Invader streamers, and a Shrimp Dub Brush for saltwater flats fishing patterns. 


Just Add H2O also makes a solid collection of brushes that stand out in the water and fool the most finicky fish. Just Add H2O’s Polar Fiber Brush is constructed with a strong stainless steel wire that’s great for heavy-duty streamers and utilizes polar fiber that’s blended with the right amount of flash. Just Add H2O also makes a couple of different versions of a streamer brush that are great for sculpting the biggest flies for the toothiest predators. The regular streamer brush has durable threads without flash and the Sculpt Flash Streamer Brush has flash added for extra shine. Just Add H2O also has a Baitfish Brush Blend that is perhaps their most popular brush. 


Senyos and Hareline also each make brushes. Hareline’s brush is a Wire-Free Synthetic Fox Brush that’s perfect for wrapping smaller flies when a wire is too stiff. If you prefer brushes without wire, Hareline’s synthetic fox brush is supple, strong, and easy to manipulate while tying. Senyos’ brush offering is a Chromatic Brush that features a stainless steel wire core. This brush also comes in a variety of colors and two different widths: 1.5” and 3”. These brushes are great for tying flies with a collar and Tarpon flies. 


Whether you’re looking for a durable brush with a stainless steel core or a wire-free brush, we’ve got a huge selection including all of the top brands. Brushes are great for tying any fly with a collar and a multitude of Tarpon flies for your next saltwater adventure. The best part? Brushes, and all fly tying materials, SHIP FOR FREE OVER $49. Shop Now!