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  1. TFO BVK Fly Rod
  2. TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod
  3. TFO Pro II
  4. TFO Axiom II Fly Rod
  5. TFO Mangrove Fly Rod
  6. TFO Clouser Fly Rod
  7. TFO Signature 2 Fly Rod
  8. TFO Impact Fly Rod
  9. TFO Finesse Glass Fly Rod
  10. TFO Bluewater SG Fly Rod
  11. TFO Drift Fly Rod
  12. TFO NXT Fly Rod
  13. TFO BVK Spey Fly Rod
  14. TFO Esox Fly Rod
  15. TFO NXT Fly Rod Kit
  16. TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara Fly Rod
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Temple Fork Outfitters make some of the highest quality fly rods for the lowest prices. TFO has always focused on affordability and functionality. TFO fly rods couple high performance with extreme affordability. TFO also focuses on high-tech rod design, power and performance, and castability. TFO seeks to create a community of knowledgeable fly fishermen who are passionate about the tools they use on the water. All TFO rods are manufactured in the TFO facility to drive down cost and ensure top-notch craftsmanship. TFO has also begun to focus on their social conscience; TFO proudly encourages conservation efforts that implore anglers to take care of rivers, streams, lakes, and more. TFO rods are truly a product of experience, passion, and fly fishing innovation.

One of TFO’s most well-known rod series’ is the BVK Fly Rod. The BVK series sports a fast-action blank but maintains traditional smooth feel. The BVK is made with high-end modulus graphite. The result is an extremely lightweight rod that is also extremely sensitive. The rods also have a carbon fiber insert, dual uplocking reel seat, and tactical series stripping guides. These rods are perfect for the avid angler, guide, and anyone in between. The BVK stays true to TFO’s mission of affordability without sacrificing performance.

Another stellar rod series from TFO is the TFO Axiom II Fly Rod Series. The Axiom II series is engineered to accommodate a wide variety of casting strokes and fishing styles. The Axiom II is easy to load and quick at unloading line to create an incredibly accurate rod. These rods come in rod models from 5wt-12wt, ideal for trout fishing or saltwater fishing. The Axiom II is made with an A2 design to support efficient energy delivery and shock absorption. This medium-fast rod design is made to create an extremely versatile high-performance rod. Again, TFO purposefully designed the Axiom II to be affordable for all fly fishermen.

TFO also makes fiberglass fly rods. One example of TFO glass is the TFO Finesse Glass rod series. These rods were created to provide all the benefits of the graphite Finesse Trout series and to include the old-fashioned feel of a glass rod. The Finesse Glass series is made with a unidirectional S Glass foundation. This foundation allows anglers to deliver accurate casts with incredible smoothness. Aptly named, the Finesse series is great for dry fly fishing, small water exploring, and short distance casting. These rods come in a ¾ weight and ⅘ weight, both 3-piece rod models. If you enjoy small stream finesse fishing, this rod series is for you.

TFO also makes two-handed fly rods. One of TFO’s two-handed series’ is the Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod. The Pro II is an entry-level two-handed rod that’s perfect for the novice two-hander. These rods are caster friendly and forgiving. The Axiom II eases the Spey casting learning curve for the enquiring angler without sacrificing performance, the TFO way. TFO says the Pro II is their “number one recommendation for new two-handed fly anglers because it offers the most effective two-hand learning platform available”. These rods are certainly consistent with TFO’s mission as a company and provide stellar rod capabilities at an affordable price.

TFO makes some of the finest bang-for-your-buck fly rods on the market today. Company history, innovation, and engineering have led to some incredible TFO innovations. TFO rods also come with a lifetime warranty, one of the best warranties in the business. From fast action rods to two-handed rods, to medium-action and even glass, TFO produces a complete collection of fly rods that cater to every angler. Shop TFO today at