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Tenkara fly rods promote a style of fishing that few fly fishermen are familiar with. The Tenkara rod idea and invention is originally created in Japan where anglers fish small streams for Yamame and other trout species. Tenkara-style fishing combines a long rod, a fixed amount of line, no fly reel, and is primarily used for small stream fishing. This fishing style requires a person to fish with his/her rod tip, using a sighter to track fish action on the end of the line. Tenkara is most popular for close quarters nymph fishing and tungsten nymph fishing. Tenkara rods can also be used to fish wet flies, dry flies, and in some cases even streamers. These rods are lightweight, long, and extremely efficient at putting a fly in front of a fish when used properly. Once the fish is hooked, however, the ensuing fight can often be treacherous; because Tenkara rods do not have a fly reel, an angler must follow a hooked fish up and down the river until he/she can land the fish. If the fish decides to go on a screaming run, it’s up to the angler to catch up to the fish before the tippet breaks. Tenkara is challenging, rewarding, and hugely thrilling.

We carry a few different Tenkara rods here at Trident. One such rod is the TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara Fly Rod. The TFO Soft Hackle rod is accurate, precise, and extremely responsive. The rod is simplistic and easy to carry, with a telescope design that retracts to 20.5 inches. If you’re following a blue line on a map up into the mountains, this rod’s light weight and superior packability make it an efficient backpacking option. The rod also includes a spare tip, important in Tenkara fishing, and a spare second section. The rod sock has a line holder, and the rod is covered by a lifetime no-fault warranty. TFO has made this rod durable, functional, and practical; the Soft Hackle Tenkara rod is a standout fishing tool.

Tenkara fishing is also a great way to introduce beginners to the sport of fly fishing. Tenkara allows novice anglers to learn to cast, follow a fly line with the rod, and even catch a few fish. We sell some of the industry’s best Tenkara rods here at Trident. Shop Now!