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One of the greatest benefits currently pushing the limits of rod technology is that it gives us vital insights to rod design using previous technologies. Case in point: our new fast action ACCEL family of single and two-handed rods. Created using our responsive Generation 5 technology, our all-new ACCEL benefits from key insights garnered through the development of Konnetic Technology. It's like going back in time to bet on your favorite sports team with the score in hand-you've got a winner and you know it.

The already responsive Generation 5 technology was made more so with improvements to the carbon fiber alignment and resin application that help give the ACCEL its impressive loading and recovery qualities. Combining power and finesse with elegance, the ACCEL is a finely crafted fishing tool with innovative features that belie its more value conscious origins. From its bright and alluring Emerald blank to its newly-designed rod seat featuring subtle details like a matt black Stealth finish and laser engraved logo, the ACCEL is a classic representation of the Sage DNA that it embodies. The ACCEL is true casting performance and value without compromise.

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Sage ACCEL Fly Rod Reviews

376-4 a Great CO Creek Rod Review by A-ROB
Posted on 11/26/16
The 376-4 is a wonderful little rod. It is a moderate fast action that to me is much better for small creeks than a faster action. I've got the Circa too which is even better at loading at short distances. What the Accel gives you is a little more horsepower in the wind which can come in handy in CO. I fish it with a Rio In Touch LT 3WF which is pretty good, but I am going to try a slightly heavier line next time to get a little more bend in close.
Forget About Konnetic Technology Review by David
Posted on 8/2/15
This review is based on using the 486 version of this rod. I extensively in Minnesota and Wisconsin and, when I can, Montana. This rod can do it all, from nymph rigs, to delicate dry presentations to streamers, hoppers and mouse patterns.
Casting this rod is especially sweet due to it's moderate action. For years rod designers have oversold the benefits of the 5wt fast action rod which, in my estimation, is overkill for trout anywhere. The moderate action really lets you slow down your casting stroke and feel the line. It's relaxing. Also, the moderate action is very forgiving for all anglers. Tailing loops and wind knots will occur less with this rod than opposed to a Sage One. The green on this rod is spectacular too, it will stand out anywhere.
The only drawback to this rod is it's casting distance. But take that with a grain of salt since distance casting for trout is a fool's errand. 50 feet is the effective range with this rod for most anglers. It's not going to cast 70 feet very well but was not designed for that. But how many trout have you caught at 70 feet?
Great rod for most anglers Review by Trident Staff
Posted on 10/3/14
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