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  1. Sage Salt R8 Fly Rod
  2. Sage R8 Core Fly Rod
  3. Sage X Spey Fly Rod
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  4. Sage ESN HD Fly Rod
  5. Sage Trout LL Fly Rod
  6. Sage Igniter Fly Rod
  7. Sage Sonic Fly Rod
  8. Sage Payload Fly Rod
  9. Sage Foundation Fly Rod
  10. Sage Maverick Fly Rod
  11. Sage Sonic Spey & Switch Rods
    $750.00 - $950.00
  12. Sage Trout Spey HD Rod
  13. Sage Spey R8 Rod
    Sage Spey R8 Rod
  14. Sage Dart Fly Rod
  15. Sage Sense Fly Rod
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Founded in 1980 by legendary rod designer Don Green, Sage was created with one idea in mind - to build the world's finest performance fly rods. Using world-class materials and years of experience gained while working with Fenwick and Grizzly rod companies, Don revolutionized the fly fishing world. Years of fly fishing experience had taught Don that fly rods should never run out of "power." While there might be fishing scenarios where the full power and flex of a fly rod were not utilized by the angler, the best designs were those that always held power in reserve. Hence the name Reserve Power was given to the new style of fly rod Don developed for extra long casts or for windy conditions. Thus the first major series of Sage fly rods was born. They were released in 1982 and they quickly became the most talked about fly rods in the world. Today, more than ever before, Sage fly rods remains focused on one goal which is best summarized by its statement of purpose: "We are passionate about our business of creating fly fishing products that continually exceed the fly angler's expectations. Wherever in the world your fly fishing takes you, it is safe to say that Sage has the products to enhance your fly fishing experience." Today, Sage produces fives lines of excellent fly rods ranging from the All Water and Freshwater line, to the Saltwater, and Specialty. Sage's spey rods and switch rods are just as amazing as their single handed counterparts. The two-handed Sage X has brought unprecedented light weight and fast action for the two handed caster. No fly rod is more renowned for performance than Sage.

Sage's new All Water line of fly rods consists of six different series starting with the Approach fly rods. This series of fly rods is specifically designed to be a series of "entry" level rods and they are made from higher modulus graphite than Sage's previous entry level rods and thus, they feature a medium-fast action that provides suburb line feel and control. Another fine fly rod in Sage's All Water line is the "Sage X" series fly rod. This series is Sage's flagship series and it may very well redefine the meaning of an "all around" fly rod where precision and accuracy are needed over a wide range of conditions. This rod is crafted from Sage's Konnetic technology which was three year in the making and it features a fast action with a built in "sweet spot" which makes it the ideal choice for both novices and experienced casters alike. A third choice in Sage's All Water series is the Method fly rod which was specifically for casting over extreme distances. This line of fly rods is lightweight, strong, and powerful with enhanced line feel and feedback for intuitively better timing and casting ease.

A part of Sage's Freshwater series, the Sage Mod fly rod is specifically designed to be a close to medium range dry fly rod and consequently, it features a smooth, slow, action. Also made with Konnetic technology, this fly rod combines a slow tempo with crisp and precise loading and unloading for unmatched accuracy and delicacy of presentation to create what just may be the perfect dedicated dry fly rod. Also part of Sage's Freshwater series, the TXL-F was specifically designed as an ultralight fly rod for line weights 000 through 4. Plus, with their ultra short lengths of either 6'10 or 7' 10", they provide a new level of enjoyment to those fly fishermen who live for small, back country, freestone streams, spring creeks, and native trout species.

Another fine series of rods is the Specialty series which includes five fly rods that are specifically designed to meet the needs of certain types of fly fishing. Two of the fly rods in this series are the ESN (European Style Nymphing) and the 99 (features a unique nymphing taper) which were both designed to be dedicated nymph fishing rods. The ESN is a series of 10' fly rods that were specifically designed for fishing with multiple, weighted, flies on light tippets with a tight line in choppy runs and seething pocket water. Built using Sage's Konnetic technology, this long, extremely lightweight, fly rod is ideal for the repetitive casts this type of fly fishing requires. Plus, its supple and responsive tip telegraphs every boulder, bump, and bite to the angler for ultimate control. In addition to the ESN is the 99 which, as the name implies, is 9' 9" in length and the unique taper of this fly rod is designed to load lower in the blank to generate open loops and yet, the stiffer tip is designed to handle heavily weighted flies while retaining the sensitivity needed to detect subtle strikes. Also part of the Specialty series is the Bass II which has been upgraded to generate faster line speeds to carry large, bulky, flies to Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass lurking in their lairs and Snook and Tarpon hiding in the mangroves. In addition, there is a lighter weight model specifically designed for dedicated Bluegill and Crappie anglers and a heavyweight model specifically designed to do battle with giant Muskie, Pike, and Peacock Bass. Last but not least is the Pike & Muskie series which is based on the powerful, fast action, Bass II series but with a 9' length to better handle the heavy fly lines and wind resistant flies that are used to target these species.

Consequently, with five different lines of fly fishing rods ranging from freshwater to saltwater to Steelhead and Salmon, there's a rod designed to meet the needs of every fly fisherman in every situation around the world (they even make a pink fishing rod!). Buy Sage if you're looking for the ultimate performance fly rod. Once you own a Sage rod, you'll cherish it for life.