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  1. Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod
  2. Redington Path II Fly Rod
  3. Redington Vice Fly Rod
  4. Redington Predator Fly Rod
  5. Redington Wrangler Fly Rod
  6. Redington Dually Spey & Switch Fly Rod
    $299.99 - $319.00
  7. Redington Crux Fly Rod
  8. Redington Wrangler Fly Rod Kit
  9. Redington Trace Fly Rod
  10. Redington Crosswater Fly Rod
  11. Redington Original Fly Rod Kit
  12. Redington Trailblazer Fly Rod
  13. Redington Strike II Fly Rod
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Redington was founded in 1992 as the first fly rod company to offer a lifetime warranty on value priced fly rods. Since then, Redington fly rods have become synonymous with fun, value, and high performance. Redington was later acquired by Farbank (the parent company of Sage), and has continued to make great fly rods for a great price (no Sage rejects here!). Redington fly rods aren't made in the USA, but don't let that discourage you. They have a great warranty and are made with impeccable quality and attention to detail.

A popular Redington rod series in the Redington Classic Trout rod series. The Classic Trout is designed specifically for the trout angler. This rod is lightweight, moderate action, and has a forgiving blank design. The Classic Trout is made for delicate presentations but also packs enough punch for fishing bigger water. The rod comes in 4-piece and 6-piece rod designs to cater to both drive-up fly fishermen and backpackers alike. This rod is crazy versatile and a great addition to any angler’s quiver.

Another great rod series from Redington is the Redington Vice rod series. The Vice is affordable, accurate, and easy to control. The rod is also versatile; the Vice comes in many different rod weights and can be fished in all conditions. The Vice features a Multi-Modulus Carbon Fiber Blank design that contributes to the rod’s extreme durability. Redington’s craftsmanship is detailed in the Vice, and it’s a great rod option for beginner and intermediate anglers alike.

Redington also has a fiberglass rod series called the Redington Butter Stick. The Butter Stick is a slow action rod meant to be used on small streams and big water. The Butter Stick comes in various rod weights from a 3wt to an 8wt and can be used to follow a small stream into the mountains or cast streamers on a big river. Redington built the Butter Stick using T-Glass construction and a Heritage Taper. The rod has a cork reel seat and pays homage to the glass rods of old. Slow down with the Butter Stick. You’ll be glad you did.

Redington makes a couple stellar two-handed rod series’, too. The Redington Dually Spey and Switch and the Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey are great options for steelheading, trout spey, or Salmon fishing. The Dually is made for large rivers and long days on the water swinging big flies. The Hydrogen comes in smaller line weights and caters to the angler navigating water big and small for trout. In classic Redington fashion, these rods are also very affordable and fall in the mid-price range. These rods are both made with expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a lightweight rod construction.

Finally, Redington just came out with the all-new Redington Crux Rod Series. The Crux is a fast action rod with a new Line Speed Taper that encourages performance and power. The Crux also has a new grip style, increased connectivity, and a stiffer tip design. This rod is loaded with innovative features to create a rod with stellar castability and feel. The reel seat of the Crux sports the rod model and line weight for easy identification on and off the water. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Redington fly fishing rod, the Crux may just be the best rod Redington makes. And it enters the market at just under $400. Redington carries on the tradition of extreme value and high performance rods with the Crux.

The Redington CT, and now the new Tempt, is the favorite Redington fly rod with the Trident staff. It combines a more traditional action with super light weight to deliver a rod that should cost at least twice as much! Also not to be overlooked is the all new Redington Link. It's a high-end fast action rod with a value price tag. Spey and switch anglers will love the new Redington Prospector. It casts for miles.

Cast a Redington fly rod and you'll be hooked!