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OPST, or Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics, is a fly fishing company based in Port Angeles, Washington, that specializes in creating innovative products for the fly fishing industry. The company was founded in 2010 by steelhead guide, Skagit casting pioneer, and author, Ed Ward. The brand quickly became known for its Skagit casting system, which revolutionized the way anglers approach steelhead fishing. Today, OPST continues to lead the way in fly fishing innovation, producing high-quality fly fishing rods, lines, and accessories that are designed to help anglers improve their fishing experience.

One of the signature products of OPST is their line of fly fishing rods. The company offers a range of rods designed for different fishing applications, including trout spey and Skagit spey fishing. Each rod is designed with the angler in mind, with a focus on versatility, performance, and durability.

OPST Micro Skagit Trout Spey Rod
The OPST Micro Skagit Trout Spey Rod is a lightweight and versatile rod designed for trout fishing. This rod is ideal for small to medium-sized rivers and streams and is perfect for fishing with nymphs, streamers, or dry flies. It features a medium-fast action that delivers excellent sensitivity and accuracy, making it a favorite among anglers who demand the best.

OPST Pure Skagit Spey Rod
The OPST Pure Skagit Spey Rod is a high-performance rod designed for steelhead and salmon fishing. This rod is crafted from high-quality graphite and features a fast-action design that delivers exceptional power and accuracy. It is ideal for fishing in larger rivers and streams, where longer casts are required to reach the fish. The Pure Skagit is available in a range of lengths and weights, making it suitable for a variety of fishing applications.

In conclusion, OPST Fly Rods are an excellent choice for anglers who demand the best from their fishing gear. The company's focus on innovation, performance, and versatility has made them a favorite among fly fishermen worldwide. Whether you're looking for a lightweight trout rod or a high-performance steelhead rod, OPST has a rod that will meet your needs.