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  1. Mystic Reaper Fly Rod
    was $279.00 Special Price $199.00
  2. Mystic Inception Fly Rod
  3. Mystic Maveryck Fly Rod
  4. Mystic Au Sable Fly Rod
  5. Mystic M-Series Fly Rod
  6. Mystic M-Spey Fly Rod
  7. Mystic M-Switch Fly Rod
  8. Mystic Sapphyre Fly Rod
    was $449.00 Special Price $299.00
  9. Mystic Tremor Fly Rod
  10. Mystic Reaper X Fly Rod
  11. Mystic JXP Fly Rod Mystic JXP Fly Rod
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About Mystic Fly Rods:

All our craftsmen and women at Mystic are dedicated to producing perfect fly rods. We are all avid fly fishing enthusiasts so we want to design the best fly rods possible, the ones we would use. We know how the fly rod should perform with different casts, and expect it to always work well, giving the best mending and line control and superior ability to fight the fish after it is hooked. Our fly rods are built for durability, yet are stylish enough to draw envious glances.

Mystic designers start with practical production goals to which we apply state of the art materials and techniques, including computer simulations and prototype testing, to produce the perfect fly rod. This design and construction process maintains a delicate balance of fishing experience, advanced engineering and scientific knowledge and rigorous quality control, polished to perfection with artistic flair.

Each of our fly rod designs start with proprietary high-modulus premium composite blanks, each prepared according to our own design requirements and strict specifications. We use highest grade cork for handles, ensuring lasting appeal and durability. Reel seats are all constructed from aircraft grade aluminum because it is strong, light and corrosion resistant. Nylon bushings and double locking rings keep your reel secure. Stripper guides are solid titanium alloy for corrosion resistance, and Nano lite diamond polished ceramic rings are incorporated into a quad leg design for greater lateral stability and reduced friction on the line. Each snake guide is carefully positioned to distribute the line evenly along the rod.

Compared to other fly rods, all Mystic fly rods, whether they are in the M Series, Au Sable, Inception, Switch, Tremor, Reaper, Maverick, Spey or Sapphyre line, provide excellent value relative to cost. Best of all, Mystic honors its lifetime warranty commitment to repair or replace, and does so quickly.