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Loop was founded in 1979 and started as a small tackle and gear brand. As the company grew, Loop began branching out into fly fishing travel in Russia, Patagonia, and beyond. Today, Loop remains in Europe but their popularity is growing in the American market. Loop fly rods, fly lines, reels, gear, and tackle are well-known for durability and craftsmanship. Loop makes a diversity of rod series’ for a plethora of fishing scenarios. Loop two-handed rods have revolutionized the Spey casting industry. Their innovation continues to drive the fly fishing industry forward in many pertinent ways.

Loop’s flagship freshwater series is the Loop Cross S1. The Cross S1 distinguishes Loop as one of the premier single-handed rod makers in the world. These rods are made with Loop’s new 3M Powerlux Composites. These composites create a rod blank that is lightweight and strong. The Cross S1 is also extremely elastic and caster-friendly. The Cross S1 has a high-grade cork handle, a skeletonized aluminum reel seat, REC RSG Recoil stripping guides, and REC RSNX Recoil snake guides. The craftsmanship of this rod series is truly one-of-a-kind. The Cross S1 is a prime example of Loop innovation. The Loop Cross S1 also comes in two-handed rod models, the Cross S1 DH.

Loop also makes a quality mid-priced rod series called the Opti Series. The Opti Series doesn’t boast top-end componentry like the Cross S1, but for a mid-priced rod series, the craftsmanship is nice. This series is made with Loop’s trademark medium-fast action feel that contributes to a responsive rod blank. The Opti series is made for avid anglers who prioritize functionality over appearance. This series comes in single-handed and double-handed rod models including the Opti Creek, Opti Peak, Opti Stream, and Opti Power Spey. All rods are well balanced, lightweight, and incredibly responsive.

Loop also produces some of the most well-regarded two-handed rods on the market today. Loop two-handed rods include the Cross S1, Cross SX, Evotec Cast DH, and more. The Evotec Cast DH series comes in a large diversity of rod types including medium action rods, medium-fast action rods, and fast action rods. These three distinct flex tempos provide the two-handed angler an opportunity to fish with a rod that caters to his/her casting stroke. This value-based series combines unique technology and directional carbon fiber to encourage stellar castability and feel. The Evotec Cast DH is a tasteful and quality rod series from Loop.

Loop rounds out their arsenal with a great entry-level rod series, the Loop XACT. Again, this series comes in single-handed rod models and Spey rod models. The XACT rod is different than other entry-level rods in that it wraps award-winning technology and extreme functionality into an affordable rod. The XACT has a triangular reel seat, a mixed cork handle, chrome snake guides, and rod model inscriptions. A stellar entry-level rod encourages feedback and feel, is caster-friendly, and allows a novice angler to discover the meaning of high performance. The XACT fly rod is a rod that conforms to these requirements and is one of the best entry-level rod options on the market today.

Loop’s innovation speaks for itself. High-tech design and rich history and experience make Loop one of the best rod companies in the industry today. Loop’s ability to travel, design, test, and manufacture means you can always feel confident buying a Loop fly rod. Purchase one today and cast it with our castability guarantee. You’ll sure be glad you did!