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Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS Fly Rod 100

Winner of our 10' 5-weight Mini-Shootout! The Hardy Zephrus FWS is the next evolution of the award-winning Hardy Zenith. After spending years developing their new Sintrix resin, Hardy has made one of the finest and most accurate trout rods ever created. Choose the 10' 3-weight for European style nymphing, the 9' 5-weight for an all-around trout rod, and the 8'6" 4-weight for more technical presentations.


Sintrix 440 - Designed in conjuction with 3M, the Hardy Zephrus FWS is built with Hardy's proprietary Sintrix 440 Resin. Hardy spent two years working with specialist composite engineers and rod designers to acheive the perfect blend of 3M nano-silica resins to develop a new way to build graphite rods. The result: a fly rod that is much stronger and lighter than previously thought possible.


Fuji SiC Stripping Guides w/Titanium Frame - Titanium guides are not only 45-65% lighter than stainless, they're also over 3 times stronger and totally corrosion resistant. These guides are fitted with Silicon Carbide inserts for reduced drag and improved casting performance.

Titanium REC Recoil Guides - RECOIL guides are made from an extremely hard but flexible "Shape Memory" nickel titanium alloy, which is not only extremely corrosion resistant, but returns to its original shape after repeated deformations.

Reel Seat

Dual Uplocking - Nothing is more important than keeping your reel attached to the rod. Hardy knows this and has built all Zephrus FWS models with a dual uplocking reel seat which keeps your reel secure.

Burled wood and Carbon Fiber spacers - The Zephrus FWS received a big cosmetic upgrade over the Zenith a new reel seat and updated finishing touches. Zephrus FWS models now come standard with a burled wood spacer on Reversed Half-Wells models and a carbon spacer on Full Wells models.

Rod Tube

Aluminum Rod Tube - Hardy didn't cut any corners here. The Zephrus FWS comes with a beautiful top of the line rod tube to protect your investment from the baggage handlers.


Worldwide Extended Warranty - The Zephrus FWS is covered by Hardy's Worldwide Extended Warranty, which covers the rod for the life of the original owner. Please contact Hardy directly for updated costs and turnaround times.

More Info

Rod Action: Fast

Best for: All water, Nymphing

Grip: Reversed Half-Wells - 3-weight to 9' 6-weight

Full-Wells w/ Fighting Butt - 9'6" 6-weight to 8-weight

Ability Level: Intermediate - Expert (learn more)

Recommended Lines

We highly recommend using a half-size higher line such as:

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Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS Fly Rod Reviews

Great medium distance rod Review by James
Posted on 5/24/17
Based upon the Trinity 10 ft rod test, I took a chance on this rod. Got it and it really loads up nice at about 35 feet, and casts very smoothly until breaking down a bit at over 60 feet. This was with a 5 wt wf line. Very light weight and well made. First class rod.
First Hardy rod and won't be the last Review by Michael
Posted on 5/1/17
I had heard great reviews about Hardy and must say that I am very impressed with the Zephrus so far. The whole package; rod, tube, and bag are very high quality. I am a huge fan so far of the titanium guides and feel they can really hold up to some abuse. I have casted both the Wulff Triangle Taper and SA MPX and am leaning towards using the MPX as my main line. The rod's sweet spot is about 35 - 40 feet away and for my type of fishing it's great. I really recommend this rod and the customer service at Trident has been very good as well.
** Suggestion Based on Zenith** Review by Christopher
Posted on 7/7/16
Because of the 2012 4 weight shootout I moved forward on the purchase of a Hardy Zenith 8'6'' 4wt. (440 Sintrix). This model is being discontinued and the Zephrus is taking Hardy’s 440 Sintrix slot. As Trident gives the rods similar acclimates (Zephrus: an evolution of the Zenith) I am posting my comment here.
To the point- I have fished this rod throughout central Pennsylvania including the Yellow Breeches, The Letorte and Tulpehocken and have landed fish on all waters with various techniques. This rod has become my “catch all” for a productive day on the water. It will punch through the wind, deliver both larger and smaller flies with and without indicators and weights with great accuracy. This rod is faster/ stiffer then I typically would use on spring creeks or fishing dries to spooky trout but I have had great results presenting dries up to 40 feet away (size 14 caddis up to size 22 spinners). I would recommend Hardy's 440 Sintrix line up if you need a 4 weight which can handle a multitude of tasks across a broad range of river systems.
Typical Hardy Quality Review by Colt
Posted on 7/4/16
I have this rod in the 9' 4 line. I agree with Tridents review of this rod compared to the Zenith. Very similar rods with the Zephrus being a better looking rod and slightly better performance. I like the Titanium guides and green wood insert. I like the fast action of this rod and the fact the tip isn't too stiff. I use this as my all around do everything 4 weight and have been pleased the 10 times I have had it on the water. Can't go wrong with Hardy Fly rods.

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 8' #3 Reversed Half-Wells 8' 3 Medium-Fast $649.00
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 8' #4 Reversed Half-Wells 8' 4 Medium-Fast $649.00
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 8'6" #4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'6'' 4 Medium-Fast $679.00
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 8'6" #5 Reversed Half-Wells 8'6'' 5 Medium-Fast $679.00
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 9' #3 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 3 Medium-Fast $679.00
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 9' #4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 4 Medium-Fast $689.00
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 9' #5 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 5 Medium-Fast $689.00
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 9' #6 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 6 Medium-Fast $709.00
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 10' #3 Reversed Half-Wells 10' 3 Medium-Fast $769.00
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 10' #4 Reversed Half-Wells 10' 4 Medium-Fast $769.00
Hardy Zephrus Freshwater FWS 10' #5 Reversed Half-Wells 10' 5 Medium-Fast $779.00
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