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Gaelforce Fly Rods is a European fly rod and fly line company. Gaelforce was founded by James Chalmers, a World Champion Spey caster from Scotland. Gaelforce is a two-handed rod and line company that produces some of the very best Spey and Switch rods and lines in the industry. The company has a large focus on Atlantic Salmon. James Chalmers brings years of experience to Gaelforce and their fly rods reflect his expertise. Gaelforce rods have been used by experienced anglers all over the globe in casting competitions and on the river. Gaelforce rods are high-end rods designed for industry experts and casting champions alike. While Gaelforce is a relatively young company, their fly rods are already pushing the boundaries of two-handed rod innovation in huge ways.

Gaelforce’s top rod series is the Gaelforce Equalizer Spey Rod Series. The Equalizer is truly one of the best-of-the-best in today’s Spey rod market. The Equalizer is user-friendly, tested in real world situations, and has an ergonomic design. The rod blank design carries a lightweight feel while maintaining strength and power. This leads to the Equalizer’s accuracy and feel at short and long distances. This rod is hugely versatile and was designed for a multitude of fishing scenarios. The Equalizer promotes a classic yet modern progressive action to afford every angler extreme castability. These rod blanks load deep into the butt section to provide increased power for long distance casting. They’re also finished with the finest componentry to add style and high-end functionality to a modern blank taper.

Gaelforce makes another rod series called the Gaelforce Destination Spey Rod. The Destination Spey rod is a perfect option for the traveling two-handed angler. The rod comes in a 6-piece design to allow packability and portability. These rods are also extremely user-friendly. They incorporate the finest new graphite materials that allow for a rod blank that is strong and powerful. The Gaelforce also has a strong rod tip for line lifting power and a deep progressive action for pleasant casting. Again, the Destination has been tested on the water and it’s design for practical everyday use shows through in the rod’s performance. The Destination is also finished with high-end componentry, the Gaelforce way.

Gaelforce also makes competition rods. The Gaelforce Equalizer 15ft “Altitude” Competition Series is a high-end competition rod from Gaelforce. These rods were designed specifically with Spey casting competitions in mind. The Equalizer competition is well-balanced, strong, and lightweight, all important characteristics in a competition rod. The rod’s ability to recover quickly and load deep into the butt section allows efficient long distance Spey casting. The strong tip of the Equalizer Competition picks up heavy lines and shoots line incredibly efficiently. This rod can be coupled with a Gaelforce fly line for optimal competition performance. If you’re interested in Spey competition casting, the Equalizer Competition is a phenomenal place to start.

Gaelforce continues to innovate and produce some incredible two-handed fly rods. The company’s attention to detail, vicious field testing, and industry-leading technology contribute to Gaelforce’s ability to build the best rods in the industry. The company is still young, but Gaelforce is already a huge name in the sphere of Spey casting. Shop top Gaelforce rods today!