G Loomis NRX LP "Lite Presentation" Fly Rod

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  • Winner of the Yellowstone Angler 5-weight Shootout
  • Insanely accurate
  • Available in the Green blanks ONLY
  • High performance design features a progressive medium action which increases feel without sacrificing performance
  • Top of the line Recoil guides for reduced weight and increased performance
  • Made in the USA!

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G Loomis NRX LP "Lite Presentation" Fly Rod 101

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G Loomis NRX LP "Lite Presentation" Fly Rod Reviews

Pin Pointe Accuracy Review by Big Chino
Posted on 8/12/16
The accuracy if this rod is second to none. Throwing Dry Flies in Montana on the big waters with only one shot ate the elusive Big Browns you have to hit the seam just right! This is the Rod!
Great Rod Perfect 5 WT Action Review by Nik
Posted on 3/3/16
Awesome Rod! Have used it for everything from throwing small dries to tandem nymph rigs and heavy weighted streamers performs flawlessly with all. With heavier streamers you have to slow down your stroke a bit but thats to be expected from a 5 wt. Paired with the SA Sharkwave GPX it casts beautifully. In my opinion if you're looking for the best 5wt rod look no further than the NRX LP.
Stellar! Review by Brandon
Posted on 10/18/15
After a several year hiatus from fly-fishing, and a recent move to CO, I felt more than compelled to get back into the fly-fishing game. After countless hours of research and scouring through endless reviews, I opted for the Loomis NRX LP #5, and I can honestly say this is the best rod I have ever had the pleasure to fish with. I matched it w/ the Lamson Litespeed 1.5 reel w/ #4 line. Its delivery and accuracy w/ dry flies is second to none, at least in my experience, and it feels effortless to use. I have yet to find a negative about the rod, although in full disclosure I have not used it w/ larger flies/streamers. If you have reservations about this rod, DON'T!
Outstanding Review by John Rainer
Posted on 8/27/15
I spoke with Josh over the phone about the G. Loomis NRX LP compared to the Hardy Zenith. Josh was extremely knowledgeable and honest. Based on the dry fly fishing I normally do, Josh recommended the Loomis over the Hardy.

This rod delivers. Super silky. A real pleasure to cast. My cousin has fished all over the world with a variety of rods, and he said for dry fly fishing, this was the smoothest rod he'd ever fished with. I will say, though, it lacks power with anything heavy (ie streamers) on the rod. Either way, it's an outstanding rod that I look forward to owning forever.
The best Review by Will
Posted on 7/20/15
I have borrowed this rod from a friend to try out some streams in British Columbia and this is the best 5 weight I have ever personally used. With a nice reel, you will never want to use another rod combo in your life. The durability is insanely good as I have dropped this rod numerous times on freestone streams and never have I had a single scratch or impairment to the rod and it doesn't seem it will break anytime soon. Not to mention its stellar performance! This rod will hit the 12-6" spot off the banks without a problem and be able to give you a fight that is definitely worth your money. Buy this rod if you can!
Great rod and great advice and service from Trident. Review by Jon
Posted on 7/9/15
This rod is the best 5wt I have ever used, Particularly good close in and at mid distance and still solid at 60ft. It has power yet a superb feel. It is almost effortless to cast and the precision is spot on. The green color/finish is beautiful and the natural cork handle adds a real quality look and feel. Also, Trident is the place to buy gear. Josh, The Fly Fishing Expert, helped me tremendously in making the selection from among several of the higher end rods I was considering.
NRX LP 9' 5wt Review by Don
Posted on 2/4/15
Boy this is one great rod! I have the four peice, 9 foot, 5 weight in black/blue. It is really more slate and blue but looks great - I have had a lot of complements on the river. Really nice to have some color in a world of muted black, brown, and green... It is light and well balanced (at least with the Lamson Guru 2) and casts further than a lot of the presentation 5 weights that I have seen in action. It is a pleasure to fish a full day with this rod. Get one!
A New Classic Review by Richard
Posted on 8/28/13
The G. Loomis NRX LP 9’ 5 wt. is a new classic. The NRX LP has a flex pattern that is similar to the superlative Hardy Artisan 9’ 5 wt. (which is easily the finest 5 wt. fly rod ever made). In addition, the NRX LP seems to have an indescribable energy and bounce that no other 5 wt. rod seems to possess. Not only is this a remarkably powerful rod, but it is just plain fun to fish. To me, the most versatile rod available is the R.L. Winston BIIIx 6 wt. But if you prefer a 5 wt. rod, then the G. Loomis NRX LP is the rod to have.

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
G Loomis NRX LP 903-4 Green 7'6'' 3 Medium 3.1 $720.00
G Loomis NRX LP 903-4 Green Fly Rod
G Loomis NRX LP 1084-4 Green 9' 4 Medium 3.1 $745.00
G Loomis NRX LP 1084-4 Green Fly Rod
G Loomis NRX LP 1085-4 Green 9' 5 Medium 3.1 $755.00
G Loomis NRX LP 1085-4 Green Fly Rod
G Loomis NRX LP 1043-4 Green 8'8'' 3 Medium 3.1 $735.00
G Loomis NRX LP 1043-4 Green Fly Rod
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