TFO Professional 2 Fly Rod

  • A series of 3-4 piece travel fly rods that offer amazing performance at a great price
  • 16 models of various lengths and weights to suit every fishing situation, from a 2 wt all the way to the heavy 10 wt, in lengths from 7’6” to 10’0”
  • Medium-fast and progressive actions
  • New sexy cosmetics with matte black finishes and gold logos
  • Every rod features a TFO Lifetime No-Fault Warranty and a logo rod sock

TFO Professional 2 Fly Rod 10

The TFO Professional 2 fly rods are designed for every type of angler. These rods are not only perfect for just about any caster from beginner to expert; they also offer amazing value for their cost. 4 pieces make these the perfect travel rods. 16 different models ensure the perfect rod for every fishing situation, including heavy 10 weights to light and delicate 2 weights.

These IM6 graphite rods offer amazingly smooth casts with quite a bit of power, yet they are forgiving enough for beginners. They feature medium-fast and progressive actions, perfect for learning or mastering casts. Premium grade cork handles provide all day casting comfort while anodized reel seats with braided carbon fiber inserts keep the reel safe and secure. As nice as the Professional 2 rods are to cast, they are even better looking on the eyes. Matte black finishes and gold logos complete their high end look and oversized stripper guides make it easy to throw serious amounts of line. Heavier weight rods have fighting butts for extra power when fighting lunkers. Easy to use color-coded alignment dots make it easy to put the rods together streamside.

The TFO Professional 2 fly rod series comes with an attractive rod sock and a Temple Fork Outfitters Lifetime No-Fault Warranties.
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Grip Type Single Handed
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TFO Professional 2 Fly Rod Reviews

great value rods! Review by matthew
Posted on 1/17/17
I've been shopping for a medium fast to fast action fly rod for beefy rainbows or steelhead. There are lots of pricey rods out there that fit the bill, but the TFO Professional Series 2 provides the best bang for the buck. These rods are well constructed and provide the the necessary backbone for aggressive fish of any size. If shopping at ORVIS or other Fly shops that sell Sage rods or other high end brands, you'll likely pay 3X the price. In addition, TFO rods have a great lifetime warranty. You literally can't go wrong with these rods. I'm very satisfied with my TFO purchases; I have both the 9' 6wt. and the 9'6" 8wt. rods.
Excellent! Review by Daniel
Posted on 10/7/16
Bought this rod (8'6" 4wt) for my girlfriend so she'd keep her hands off my NRX Trout (9' 4wt) and this rod isn't just good for the money, it's just plain good! I'm not getting the pinpoint accuracy I can get with my NRX, but it is so much more pleasant to cast, and accurate enough to the point of making me think about buying another one for myself. For what it's worth, aIthough I can actually cast further with the TFO Prof. 2 than I can with my NRX, and the alignment dots on the TFO are actually in line... unlike my Loomis
Best Value for Performance Review by Dean
Posted on 7/7/16
I've owned a Lefty Kreh Professional 1 8 wt rod for over six years and it has landed many salt water striped and fresh water largemouth bass for me. It held up extremely well in the harsh New England salt water conditions and developed some minor issues with the cork handle and a broken guide (probably due to a knot stripped through the guide). The rod was returned to TFO under their lifetime warranty program and was replaced with a new Pro 2! It casts extremely well with intermediate and sink tip lines and matches my salt water fishing style throwing weighted flies in wind.

The TFO Professional rod has the best value for the performance & warranty on the market.
Great value easy casting rod Review by Garrett
Posted on 10/10/14
I own the 9' 10wt as a backup rod for predator fishing. It is definitely as described- medium to medium-fast action which is nice for a longer, more relaxed casting stroke or for a beginner. I could see this being a good rod when a more gentle presentation is needed also because of that softer action compared to other rods of similar weight, especially from TFO. I also like the matte black finish. The only criticisms keeping me from giving 5 stars are that the cork is low quality and the way the rod sections attach seems awkward, they sit firm but always look like they aren't all the way attached because of the way the male end tapers. I did break a rod at one of these joints but it was the result of a tippet knot banging the guides over time causing the ferrule to slip, the warranty is great however. All in all none of these faults would prevent me from buying this rod again since the performance, price and warranty are so good.

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
TFO Professional 2 280-3 Reversed Half-Wells 8' 2 3.0 $159.95
TFO Professional 2 280-3 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 376-4 Reversed Half-Wells 7'6'' 3 3.0 $159.95
TFO Professional 2 376-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 386-4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'6'' 3 3.2 $159.95
TFO Professional 2 386-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 480-4 Reversed Half-Wells 8' 4 3.2 $159.95
TFO Professional 2 480-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 486-4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'6'' 4 3.4 $159.95
TFO Professional 2 486-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 490-4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 4 3.5 $159.95
TFO Professional 2 490-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 576-4 Reversed Half-Wells 7'6'' 5 3.0 $159.95
TFO Professional 2 576-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 586-4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'6'' 5 3.7 $159.95
TFO Professional 2 586-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 590-4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 5 3.8 $159.95
TFO Professional 2 590-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 5100-4 Reversed Half-Wells 10' 5 4.2 $199.95
TFO Professional 2 5100-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 690-4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 6 3.8 $159.95
TFO Professional 2 690-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 6100-4 Full Wells 10' 6 4.8 $199.95
TFO Professional 2 6100-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 790-4 Full Wells 9' 7 4.3 $169.95
TFO Professional 2 790-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 7100-4 Full Wells 10' 7 5.0 $199.95
TFO Professional 2 7100-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 890-4 Full Wells 9' 8 4.4 $169.95
TFO Professional 2 890-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 896-4 Full Wells 9'6'' 8 4.8 $184.95
TFO Professional 2 896-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 990-4 Full Wells 9' 9 4.5 $169.95
TFO Professional 2 990-4 Fly Rod
TFO Professional 2 1090-4 Full Wells 9' 10 4.6 $169.95
TFO Professional 2 1090-4 Fly Rod
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