TFO Finesse Fly Rod

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  • The perfect rod for limestone creeks, spring creeks and tiny mountain streams
  • Traditional taper and action
  • TFO Finesse rods perfect for accurate and delicate casts and super smooth roll casts to spooky fish
  • Deep olive finish and up-lock reel seats with Rosewood finishes
  • SiC stripping guides and Chromium-impregnated stainless steel snake guides

TFO Finesse Fly Rod 100

Fishing for large trout in mountain streams and spring creeks requires precision, accuracy and extremely delicate presentations of flies. The TFO Finesse Fly Rod series lets you make those tight and crowded casts with pinpoint accuracy, even when you are huddled behind streamside vegetation. This is the perfect rod for throwing to spooky fish when accuracy and delicate presentations make the difference.

The traditional taper and action of the TFO Finesse Fly Rods makes it easy to roll cast and to turn over leaders effortlessly on regular casts. The IM6 graphite provides a smooth feel and great accuracy, while the SiC stripping guides and the Chromium-impregnated stainless steel snake guides ensure a smooth transfer of line. The Flor-grade cork grip lets you feel the rod better for subtle strikes and the built-in hook keeper makes the rod easier to travel to and from the stream.

The deep olive finish and Rosewood reel seat makes this attractive both on the rack and on the river, while the up-lock reel seat eliminates reel slippage. These rods are available in 0-6 weights to let you handle any size fish while still retaining the ability for delicate presentations. 5’ to 6’, 9” rods help you cast in super tight conditions while 7’, 3” to 8’, 9” rods help to keep those longer casts up and above the tall grasses and streamside vegetation.
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Grip Type Single Handed
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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
TFO Finesse 169-4 Reversed Half-Wells 6'9'' 1 2.4 $199.95
TFO Finesse 169-4 Fly Rod
TFO Finesse 273-4 Reversed Half-Wells 7'3'' 2 2.5 $199.95
TFO Finesse 273-4 Fly Rod
TFO Finesse 379-4 Reversed Half-Wells 7'9'' 3 2.8 $199.95
TFO Finesse 379-4 Fly Rod
TFO Finesse 389-4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'9'' 3 3.1 $204.95
TFO Finesse 389-4 Fly Rod
TFO Finesse 479-4 Reversed Half-Wells 7'9'' 4 2.8 $199.95
TFO Finesse 479-4 Fly Rod
TFO Finesse 489-4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'9'' 4 3.1 $204.95
TFO Finesse 489-4 Fly Rod
TFO Finesse 579-4 Reversed Half-Wells 7'9'' 5 2.9 $189.95
TFO Finesse 579-4 Fly Rod
TFO Finesse 589-4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'9'' 5 3.1 $204.95
TFO Finesse 589-4 Fly Rod
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