Sage Method Fly Rod

These ultra-fast fly rods use Sage’s proprietary Konnetic technology. The METHOD delivers high line speeds and tight loops for extreme distance and wind-cutting casts all while maintaining critical accuracy and feel.

"Being able to offer fly rods that perform to the expectations of the most demanding anglers in any casting situation is the main reason behind designing the METHOD. Sage's DNA is synonymous with fast-action rods, and through Konnetic technology, we've taken seriously smooth, ultra-fast action performance to a new place entirely. Our newest high performance rods will make any caster better but will help experienced casters notch exceptional casts with regularity" - Sage Chief Rod Designer, Jerry Siem.

Sage Method Fly Rod 100

The magma red colored shaft of the METHOD is complemented by rust colored primary thread wraps and pewter trim wraps. Fuji ceramic stripping guides and robust guide sets round out the features of this high-end rod series. The rods come in a black rod sock with a red silk-screen and are protected in a fusion red powder-coated rod tube with a silver colored medallion and gloss black end caps.

“Overall, the fast action ONE rod is still and will continue to be our flagship series for a wider range of anglers,” notes Sage Marketing Manager, Eric Gewiss. “The METHOD series makes it possible to take casting abilities to whole new level. It performs quickly and accurately close-in, but if anglers are looking for an ultra-fast action rod that is lightweight, exceptionally smooth yet has the extra punch for farther casts and windy conditions, this rod is for you.”

Twelve single-hand models will be available in 4-6 weights for freshwater with a cocobolo wood insert and black reel seat components paired with a snub-nose, half-wells grip. The saltwater capable 6-11 weights feature a black aluminum reel seat and a full wells handle and fighting butt. Nine Spey and switch models feature a high-grade cork fore and rear grip. The METHOD rods will range in price from $800-$1,050 and will be available August 1, 2013. Blanks will also be available for each model.
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Sage Method Fly Rod Reviews

Better Than Expected Review by A-ROB
Posted on 11/26/16
I was expecting this rod to be a broomstick, but when I cast it, it turned out to be anything but. I've cast the 4wt all the way up to a 7wt. They do get progressively stiffer into the higher weights which I think makes sense. Believe it or not I cast the 4-6wt all with a Rio Gold and this rod actually handled that line pretty well. I'd recommend a half size heavy nevertheless as it will allow you to load better at short distances, and the 7wt really needs a half or whole line size heavy. My 2c, this is a great streamer rod @ 6 or 7wt, and the lower weights would do a not of other things well too.
Are the line weights really accurate? Review by David
Posted on 8/18/16
I cast the 5 weight version of this and I could almost swear it was a 6 weight. I've heard that a lot about the Method that the weight is not accurate to what it actually is. Regardless, if you want distance and power, this is it. But test it out with a few different fly lines first, I think a 6wt line might work better for a 5 weight Method.
Great Rod Review by Larry
Posted on 6/7/16
I recently purchased a 490-4 Method for Mid-sized dry fly fishing applications. I lined it with Rio's Gold and Grand lines. The Gold is much more versatile line but man can this rod shoot the Grand line. I found the the rod tip provided much more feel than my 490 Sage One. It's not an every situation rod but distance dry fly fishing on medium to large size rivers it's great.
Lasers all day! Review by Lucas
Posted on 10/29/15
I bought the 790-4 Method earlier this year specifically for carp, bass and trout streamer fishing. Paired with a 7-wt. RIO Perception line this thing will throw laser-tight loops into the wind all day long! It's so incredibly fast and responsive that I can hardly imagine a higher performing rod. It's easily capable of picking 50+ feet of line off the water and throwing 80 or more on a single haul for those quick shots that you don't want to miss. If casting too far, too fast and too well were such a thing, this rod would be pushing the envelope!
Just amazing! Review by Marko
Posted on 1/5/15
Got this rod couple a days ago. Tested it on some seatrout fishing in Norway and i have to say that this rod is just amazing! Perfect action make it easy to cast long but extremely precise! Really looking forward to try it with dry fly.
Tough to Go Back Review by IMFSHN
Posted on 10/13/14
I had the opportunity to work with this rod along with a number of others at a fly fishing expo this spring. The rod was so responsive, that it probably wreck any chance of me revisiting my go to rod.
Brilliant Review by Hieu
Posted on 2/28/14
For a beginner, this rod is brilliant. Casting long distance is much easier than last rod and have caught first fish last week with the Method. I was so excited of first fish that I didn't know how to reel fish in (line was everywhere)!

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Sage Method 490-4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 4 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 490-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 590-4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 5 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 590-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 690-4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 6 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 690-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 691-4 Full Wells 9' 6 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 691-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 697-4 Full Wells 9'6'' 6 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 697-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 7100-4 Full Wells 10' 7 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 7100-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 790-4 Full Wells 9' 7 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 790-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 796-4 Full Wells 9'6'' 7 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 796-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 890-4 Full Wells 9' 8 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 890-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 990-4 Full Wells 9' 9 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 990-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 1090-4 Full Wells 9' 10 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 1090-4 Fly Rod
Sage Method 1190-4 Full Wells 9' 11 Very Fast $850.00
Sage Method 1190-4 Fly Rod
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