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Fenwick has long been regarded as a maker of premium fly rods. Fenwick’s history dates back to the 1950s when the company was born in Washington State on the shores of Lake Fenwick. Fenwick started making fiberglass rods in the early years and eventually progressed to state-of-the-art graphite rod production. Today, Fenwick continues to make world-class rods in both fly and conventional models. Today’s Fenwick fly rods pay homage to Fenwick’s storied tradition and timeless craftsmanship.

The Fenwick AETOS is a top rod series from Fenwick. The AETOS includes a high-performance fast-action blank, large diameter gunsmoke stripper and snake guides, and a deep blue blank. The AETOS is one of the most affordable rods on the market and a viable option for new anglers and experienced anglers alike. Fenwick includes a ‘AAA’ grade cork handle and is extremely lightweight. The rod has a fast recovering high-performance modern taper typical of many Fenwick rods. The AETOS comes in a variety of line weights including saltwater, freshwater, switch, and Spey specific models. The AETOS is truly a great rod.

Another notable rod series from Fenwick is the Fenwick Fenglass series. This fiberglass rod series is a blend of tradition and contemporary technology. The Fenglass blank is a medium-action blank with unidirectional glass construction that allows pinpoint accuracy with every cast. The Fenglass also includes a full cork handle that contributes to the classic look and feel of the rod. This series is a testament to Fenwick’s careful craftsmanship and is a true work of art. Beyond the artistry, however, the Fenglass is a practical fly fishing tool.

The Fenwick World Class fly rod series is another stellar series from Fenwick. The World Class series is a mid-priced rod series from Fenwick. The graphite construction of this rod series is a new standard for strength and durability. The World Class is a fast action rod series great for throwing large flies long distances. The World Class series features 3M Powerlux 500 resin blanks. The blank construction of this rod series evenly disperses tension for powerful rod balance. This series fits perfectly into the Fenwick fly rod line and offers a high-performance rod at an affordable price.

Fenwick also makes Switch and Spey rods. Two-handed rods are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world of fly fishing. Fenwick is caught up on the industry trajectory with the AETOS Switch and Spey rod series. The AETOS Switch and Spey rods maintain the smooth casting capabilities of the single-handed AETOS series. These two-handed rods feature strong cork handles and an aluminum anodized double down locking reel seat. AETOS Spey rods are perfect for larger rivers and larger fish. This series is an affordable way to target steelhead and salmon on the swing.

Fenwick continues their storied history and tradition in all rod models today. While Fenwick rod making has progressed over time, the company maintains their original ideals: to produce “the most thought-out fishing rods in the world”. Fenwick success has stood the test of time and hopefully they’ll continue to produce industry-leading rods for years to come. We have the complete collection of Fenwick fly rods in single-hand and two-handed models from the AETOS to the World Class. Purchase yours today! Shop Now.